Aliens or ghosts or still partly asleep? what do you think, or just totally loony.?

right here goes, i have woke up several times over the years to see white cobwebby images near me, i wake other half in terror and he sees nothing, i can see my bedroom in the dark and the shape moves away after a while.
although last night i woke to see what looked like metal and lights over me, i stayed still terrified and eventually this moved to my light in the ceiling near the window and stayed there for some time, i can see my bedroom and things around me although it is dark but for the light from the street light coming through the blinds but i can still see this weird shape but it is coloured.
now heres the question, am i totally batty to think that this is anything other than just being woke by something and still seeing part of my dream while i am awake, or is it something else-- like --maybe--
i dont think i am mad, to be honest i hope it is just the remnants of a dream, but it is bugging me as when i get woke up i am too scared to go back to sleep

This sounds like classic paranormal activity. If you had said as soon as I wake up I see these things but after a few seconds they are gone, I would have though you were not fully awake. However, you said can see my bedroom in the dark and the shape moves away after a while.
although last night i woke to see what looked like metal and lights over me, i stayed still terrified and eventually this moved to my light in the ceiling near the window and stayed there for some time. This would indicate that you are fully awake and feelings frightened would wake you up quickly. You are certainly not mad, just sensitive to paranormal phenomena and this is a gift. Your other half is probably not sensitive at all and dosen't see it. I don't think this is anyhting to worry about, it;s most likely someone that has passed over (a spirit guide) watching over you while you sleep.
When you're in a dream state, you're in a similar conscious state to people who suffer from schizophrenia, so some of the most crazy things can happen when you’re half asleep.
Damn, How old is your home? Do some research to see if anyone has died in the home. Also, When you wake up in the morning do you see any cuts, bumps, scars, ect. that you dident have when you went to sleep? Alot of people dont believe in aliens but i do and i believe they run tests on humans to figure out more about us. Just like Area 51 does with them.
sounds strange. But don't dismiss it for something mystical. I've seen several ghosts over the years so I know they exist. I've awoken to a ghost omce, so I thought I was dreaming but I did the whole 'eye rub' ordeal and it was clearly there. do some more research on aliens. thats interesting
When I wake up, whether in the dark or on a sunny day I get shadows in my field of vision. The doctor cant explain it and they disappear after maybe 10 seconds.
They can be dark or all sorts of colours. Dont ask me what it is but it isnt aliens or ghosts.
I dont think you are mad. One way to tell if they are really in your room is to get up and move towards them, if they get bigger then they are real, if they stay the same size and distance then you are just seeing them.
You are definately not mad though.
i think spirits are involved ... whisky
to shaun- my house was brand new when we moved in I have seen, felt and heard many weird things
Was it a string of lights I have seen that
A person who believes in ghosts is incredibly arrogant to think that a chemical reaction - which is what we (humans) are - is so important as to continue to exist after they die. It would be nice if there was an after-life, but everything in the universe is a product of mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry, it's time to accept this fact, it would be nice if supernatural and magical things did exist but unfortunately they don't. What you are seeing are remnants of your dreams or hallucinations, it used to happen to me a lot when I was younger - even when a was fully awake and I couldn't get back to sleep, I'd see stuff. Of course it's possible that aliens exist in different galaxies, but if they did and had the technology to travel at light speed, why would they visit you in your bedroom? Univerally speaking, you're are as insignificant as me and everyone else. Unfortunately, we're just a chemical reaction of a human DNA based sperm and egg and nothing more. This is just a scientific and mathematical fact.
You are simply having remnants of a dream.

The cure for this is not to eat stuff that disturbs your digestive system just before bedtime, and to make sure you're not itching or hurting anywhere before you go to sleep.

If that doesn't help enough, you could always try drinking a glass of milk or eating vanilla ice cream before bedtime to soothe your tummy.

Sweet dreams!
Do you do drugs, or have you done drugs in your life time (particularly hallucinogins or hard drugs)? If so these images could be reprecussions of them. Other than that, I don't know.. Maybe you could go to one of those hospitals that studies how you sleep. Does it happen every night? I mean, it COULD be ghosts I guess but ghosts don't really just appear in houses, there would have to be a history to a ghost. And if others living in your house aren't being disturbed, it's probably not the case. As for aliens... Who knows. You should talk to a therapist either way.

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