Why do men fall for fake women? Died hair, fake tans, fake nails, hair extensions, surgeries..blah blah..men??

A great example is Anthony Robbins who divorced his 50 year old wife for some 28 year old blond bimbo with fake lips and fake everything...left her husband for money and she looks like such a gold digger. http://ranchomiragemusicpeople.com/peopl...
I really dont understand it...is it the fantasy image of a trophy wife? Aren't conversations boring with them? What's the motivation behind it other than superficiality??

Real men don't fall for fake women. Although, a good looking woman is certainly sexually attractive. He probably did it for sex. I really doubt he is in love with her. And there was probably something going wrong with his previous marriage that contributed.
Because they are immature. Real, mature men don't fall for these goofballs.

Either that or they just need a good lay ;)
Cause they're probably fake themselves.
Well i dont

Not all men are superficicial, and these people, look at them properly and youll see that they are just not attractive and no actual love can be with one of these things

things is harsh, actually, however plastic they are they are still people
because the media has made it seem that to be the perfect wife or girl you need to have fake boobs, lips, butt, and other things to be beautiful. real men know the difference.
cause guy are stupid and they dream of a women like that so real women go out and make themselves that !
a lot of men (note to men: i did not say all men) like to be smarter than their women. and men who dont appreciate a smart woman who can hold their own like their women to be as hot as possible, even if is fake everything. these men have low self esteem and are called players. and of course these men think that a dumb bimbo is better in bed than a real woman. of course their wrong.
I think it's for their image. If they have a media-accepted woman by their side, they're gonna have people around them who are going to be showing some jelousy. Maybe they like that. Or maybe things aren't as exciting with the older women as it is with the "pretty" women, such as sexual intercourse. But not all women who are pretty are bad with conversations, some might just have such low self esteem.
Not all guys are like that realy its true im not and im not even gay .Some guys are looking for what atracts them nice body nice hair it gives them pleasure to be with a fake person because it looks good .They are just missing out on what a real relation ship is about LOVE being able to apreciat the person for who they are.
Those particular men are immature and care only about the physical pleasures they can have with the woman,including others' gawking at her.

Don't kid yourself though - there are plenty of women who do this too!

only the shallow ones do
Most people agree that having a sense of humor is important in a partner. I read somewhere that in general (note: not always), men perceive other men to have a sense of humor if they are good at making jokes, telling funny stories, etc. Men perceive women to have a sense of humor if they laugh at the funny things they hear or see. We may not all be geniuses, but if a faked-up woman thinks her man is funny, he is likely to feel he's hit the jackpot -- a beauty with a sense of humor.

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