Why am I weird?

because u asked why.
Sigument says - it's your mother's fault.
You seek approval from FunQA.com .
Who can say what's weird and what isn't?
Because you chose it!!
Its all down to DNA so blame your parents they caused you.
You are not weird you are unique and special. Be proud of the differences you have, they make you who you are. Embrace yourself forgive yourself and love yourself.
because the moon in eclipse is under the stars but hovers over the earth and that's where you are.
Its the ones who think they are perfectly normal that are weird, don't be worrying
Because you are willing to accept someone else's definition of what is normal.

Normal is nothing more than the opinion of a lot of people. In Ireland it is "normal" to speak with a particular accent. That same accent in Alabama is "weird." The Alabama accent in California is "weird."

As long as you are willing to accept what you are - you will never be weird. Once you begin to let other people make the rules for you - you may be "normal" but you have stopped being in charge of your ownlife.
who cares, its working for you. I'd rather be weird than normal anyday.
Your are wierd because you choose to be.
You could conform if you wanted, but you choose not to be
you're weird because you accept your weirdness.
who's to say you are weird - maybe everyone else is and you're normal.
I find weird people are the ones who don't accept people how they are
because being wierd is fantastic!

Noone great was a conformist - ever.

you keep on with the wierdness and shock the world.
Ur weird because u posted a stupid question.,
Why Not? Weird can be good. You should consider becoming even weirder!
its in your genes

have u checked your pockets recently :-D
dunno but isn't it fun! :P
you are not weird just missunderstood
Don't ask it, show it. If you really are, as you say, weird, rejoice in same and let other people worry about "why".

My guess is that you want people to think you are odd because you think it will give you some kind of cachet.

If you really feel out of step with the universe and it is interfering with the way you live your life, seek professional help.
please state in what ways you think yourself as weird.
Who are you comparing yourself against? Normal is defined by the social group or society you live in. What you see or witness becomes normal in your experience.

You say you are weird, this just means you are different. Not conventional, and therefore you stick out in a crowd.

Weird is difficult for children to cope with, as they all want to belong. As an adult, being weird can be what you desire. Being different as an adult allows you to set yourself apart from the rest, to show that belonging or normal is not what makes you a member of the human race.

Are you a human? You are not weird in the sense that all humans are human.
let me count the ways.. ;-)
You need to describe your thoughts and/or behaviour, for us to give any sensible opinion.
everybody is wierd. find me a normal person and I will show you someone who is truly wierd.
May be because you hate Pradeep.!.
Because you are different that the majority of the population.
ok maybe you are weird. So what? You are for asking that question...i mean there's a lot of people who consider themselves weird like me...and maybe its true but so what? Its good to be diffrent so..Go You!! ^_~

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