Whats with my dreams?

The other night i Had a dream that I came home and found three girls in my house with my husband. When I went to talk to him, he told me he had things to do, and he took two of the girls into the room. When I said to the other girl, he just went in with two prostitutes she said, so I am one too. And then there was a huge thing about the prostitues and porn, and I was going to take my daughter and leave my husband. It was very upsetting, but I let it go. It was very vivid. Then last night in my dream, my husband had another girl in the house living with us. When I called him into the kitchen, he came in with this girl and I said were you two messing around, and they said yes, I asked if they were haveing sex and he said ya, so. SO I told him if he wants to have two girls, I wouldn't be one of them, and again in this dream we were going to be getting divorced. They are such vivid dreams, and they make me sad, and just want to be with him. Any ideas why my dreams are this way?

Probably a site like http://IhadADreamLastNight.com will help you out. There is a lot of content regarding dreams there.
What does this have to do with psychology?

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