What is escape? What classifies "escape" from something?

It seems to me that people can "escape" from anything unpleasant in their life with anything. But I think the definition of "escaping" in a psychological sense is inaccurate or at least vague because people can love something dearly, something that gives them joy, and that item or person or animal can be called that persons escape. So my question is, at what point do things become a negative "escape" for people who don't want to face their problems as opposed to a comforting thing that one enjoys?

Apparently the answer would be 'when it becomes labeled negative by those around them'. A clear honesty is required by the person in question, they should know when they're fooling themselves. However, I also feel nobody else has the right to label it negative escape except the person themselves. There's very little objectivity found in others to really judge.

Perhaps it becomes negative when pushing away feelings and thoughts about what you should have done in moral code, honesty to yourself and others while 'escaping'. When you know you end up regretting later. Perhaps the people that appeal to you about the escapes are dear(er) to your heart than the actual escapism.
I think that both concepts are, in reality, the same.

To me, escaping a problem is a method one can use to provide comfort during a traumatic time.

We cannot solve all of the world's problems. Indeed, we can only solve a few of our own personal ones.

So, many times, our only recourse, or salvation, is to accept what has happened and decide to move on. During this process of acceptance, we can certainly utilize any measure of rationalization and compartmentalization that is available to us.

We, as humans, have access to vast psychological resources which can help alleviate the pain and the guilt of everyday life.

The ones of us who can unabashedly comfort ourselves by accepting what is and moving on to the next problems are the lucky ones.

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