Was it a failure to communicate?

or a failure to commit - that got us into so much trouble?

We live in a world of order with dis-ordered conglomeration
of thinking in an ordered mind. we cannot escape trouble even in ones life. We cannot actually reconcile the constant change in creation with its fixed changelessness. These are the undefinable-unexplainable things in life but yet when we reach the age of maturity, we just smile on these things because we know its history if we will just give time to read the Holy Bible.

Failure to commit

People are fear of committing. Yet they do want the things so badly. When they fear and cannt get over it, the become a big big failure. Move the stone to make the path clear is important.

Failure to communicate

Socializing people know how to communicate. Some people really dont know how to communicate. They dont speak English. They speak their own language from their minds.

Both Failures got us into so much trouble. I believe.

Yee Cs

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