115 pounds?

Okay..im..13,4'11 (shut up i know im short lol) and weigh 115 pounds

Is that good??

I am 13 and only weigh 74.
What do you think? Do you feel fat or overweight? Or do you feel just fine? I know your at that age where everyone's opinion matters, but really, don't let other people's opinions dictate who you are.
sounds about right for a human being.
of course thats fine, your still young so u can still grow and inch or two, lol jus messing, but u sound healthy so don't go round dietin! lol
sounds normal. You're 13. You'll most likely grow a little more and you're going to flux in your weight for awhile while you traverse puberty. Overweight and healthy weight are different things. Of course this is healthy.
It is fine. Most tables calculate your ideal weight between 90 and 95 kilo's but your body mass index is in a healthy range so it is no problem. You are still growing and at 13 years old you will not have stabilised at all yet.
Hey, how about this? I'm 5'4" and weigh 245 pounds.
honey you are still growing, i think you know that you are carrying puppy fat. as long as you put only healthy food in you will kook fabulous when you stop growing. choosing a healthy lifestyle now is really good. be balanced with the foods you choose and carry on exercising.
At 13, thats fine. I mean I was over weight when i was a kid, but i grew into most of it and you should to unless your family has a short history. Your fine the way you are. Dont stress about it shugs honestly. Just eat fruits and what not, stay healthy, stay active. Do everything I didn't. :] you'll do fine though.

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