Somebody please help me with answers!?

i can harly remember anything i read and i forget things easily, it seems like i dont have a retentive memory, it is affecting me both in my work place and study. can anyone tell me what to do or who to see? or do i need to go on peels?

Too much sex at times can lead to slight loss of memory, but as your case may be, try and see your doctor because this has to do with your brain. personally i would say yours is a Case of iodine deficiency caused by salt which affects your learning capacity. Notwithstanding, try out some few tips and if it doesn't work see your physician. first go on sex break for a month then buy a new book and see if there are changes. also try to focus when reading, always read in the library for effective understanding. Next, eat fruits and drink plenty of water, then go for exercise at least twice a day (morning&evening) for one week, this time try reading and answering questions on subject related to your field. try the last which is not the least, write a book on something intrresting, give to an editor and do something similar to that and give to another editor and see how well you are improving. Also note that what i am offering you are not medications but advise, for best treatment, CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN
Start and finish a book of your choice. It is not your memory, it is your reading comprehension.
I hear certain foods and vitamins can help boost memory such as ginko or fish. But if it's very bad to the point of dibilitating, you might want to speak about it with your doctor.
if you forget things easily, try writing them on some notepad. or you could seek a professional, maybe this is a symptom of something serious like Alzheimer's.
I have the same problem. I'm only 19, and my condition is rapidly deteriorating. See your doctor fast, I had a CT scan done on the brain, and thankfully there was no sign of a brain tumour or any structural defects. I was then sent to a psychologist. His diagnosis - Clinical depression. I've tried both Zoloft and Lexapro, neither drug helped. The psychologist recommended meditation, but I'm never relaxed enough to get into any meditative state. Plus, remembering half the things he told me to do is a problem for me, so there's nothing else that anyone can do for me anymore. Get something done before you turn into the hopeless case that I am.
first you are not concentrating in what you are doing but your mind away belive me clear it from any things except what you want to do at the recent moment
Do breathing exercises daily for 20 minutes.
You don't give us much to go on. It could all be normal ie. stress becoming overwhelming. I really think I'm out there guessing though Do relaxing stuff after work like a hot tub or swimming, walk the dog a ways Rent a good movie not violence, stay away from the news for a while eat well sleep well if not go to the doctor (seriously)

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