How do I stay positive all the time?

I'm a firm believer in positive thinking, and drawing those with a similar energy toward me. But how do I keep it up? With the daily grind, disappointments, bad news, lonliness and all the other shitty negative forces at work, how do I stay motivated? I could've punched out my co-worker today when she commented that she was envious of me because I'm always "happy". If only she could see through my eyes!

Toni, lets start with your co-worker. This woman complimented you, do you realize that? You project a positive attitude even though things aren't good. And perhaps your life is a walk in the park copared to hers. It's all relative.

We can't be happy 24/7 but you can strive to make the best of what life has dealt you. Give yourself time to digest things like your co worker's comments. Get a game plan for getting out because being lonely sucks. It all takes practice and diligence. Lord knows I've had more than my fair share of challenges but you just have to keep going.

Keep smiling!
The power of positive thinking can only be measured during those times that are very difficult - that's when you need to stay positive. Read motivational stories/books and cut out and memorise quotes that keep you going in difficult times.
well i find the best thing to do is just to keep ur head up, not care wat people think and sing ur out loud. YEAH
Faith in God does it for me because I know that everything that happens isn't just up to me that I will be lead along the way.

Another way I stay positive is to surround positive things around me, my church and friends, and my many hobbies and interests.

My whole theory is that however bad things may seem, they can ALWAYS be worse. I have a bit of a short temper myself, and when things get me down at work, I force myself to think things like "Well at least I have a job". When I'm taking off my sneakers and the laces knot, instead of getting pissed off I think "At least I have feet, hands to tie laces with, and the ability to walk" because a lot of people out there don't have one or all of these things. I try to remember I might not have everything, but I do have more than some people, and not just material things but physical abilities too.

It's all in how you choose to look at things. You have to force yourself to be positive sometimes. This is just how I go about doing it.

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