Her secure job, verses my non-secure job….. help… Major Dilemma. Conflicting interested..?

Three years ago, I fell for her. Last year I got her.. Starting of this year I asker her to be with me, and she said she’d love to … so now we are officially a couple.
We’re both in University at the moment – senior year. We did do internship sthis summer. She got a job offer at the end of the internship, with a giood starting salary.
I got a letter of recommendation, and no such letter.
Now when we meet its slightly odd because I know that when university is done she will have a job to head to, whereas I will not. She has a job just waiting for her to finish college….. She doesn’t know how lucky she is. They loved her performance and all that. My company did too, however they said they would not hire the moment and shall see based on my scored.
She has a 3.75 GPA, and I have a 2.90 GPA. I do not know what to think or what to do…
I guess I am slightly scared – her last man being from oxford and she is all prim and proper, very European. I am very American, so we do have confl

To me, it doesn't sound like the two of you have a conflict--you are having an internal conflict of sorts...

Although I would love for my answer to be "Best Answer", I fear that my next comments may put that in question, but I must be truthful...

From the nature of this internal conflict, it seems like there is a bit of jealousy and egotistical ranting going on here for you.

As the previous poster said, you should talk to her about this. The best "weapon" that you have in solving this problem is communication. Being that this situation involves more than you, you should speak with her sincerely about this.

Surely you and she TOGETHER can solve this problem. I don't believe that your geographical locations or influences should present any sort of complications--you've already passed those possibilities by maintaining a relationship for this long. Had there been any significant problems with that, you two would've been separated for that.

At this point, brother, I think that you should first accept the fact that she was hired and that she'll be the primary breadwinner for the short amount of time for when you get out of school. The reality that you'll have a degree is more than enough for you to get a great job regardless...

I'm sure that it hurts that you didn't get hired by the job that you wanted, but I assure you that more opportunities will come along. This is no question.

The order of the universe is to meet you halfway. Sure, you'll go through times of inactivity--seeming inactivity--but your answers will come...you will reap what you sow.

Finally, look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that you are no less of a man with a 2.9, you just weren't putting your best foot forward at the time. No problem!

Trust me, your life is just beginning...you'll have plenty opportunity to make all of these "mistakes" (learning experiences) right...

All right?

Hope that helps!

It sounds like you're in England, my viewpoint is american but may be relevant.

You should talk to her about all this. As far as the job, if you don't have a guaranteed job and she does - that's a no brainer. Go with her. Don't hang on to these 'maybe' promises from your job. I mean if its an awesome job and you know it will hold, I'd say maybe stick around, but you'll find another one at the new location, if she will have you, I say go with the girl. But most importantly, talk to her about all this.

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