Albert einstein as a child?

was it true that albert einstein's first words as a child is "the soup is hot"? or any words relating to the phrase. if so, any sites available for me to feed my curiosity? thanks and God bless...

According to the biography "Who Was Albert Einstein?" by Gero von Bohm, his first words, spoken just before his 3rd birthday, were actually "The milk is too hot." When his parents asked why he hadn't spoken before he replied "because before, everything was fine.
One of the all time genuises was very late to talk. I'm not sure if was einstein.
He was almost 6 years old when he started talking so yes it's possible it was a full sentence.
well, my brother didn't talk till he was 3, and he said "the lights on" so Albies first sentence was probably something like that, after all, he was a suspected Aspergers

I can't tell...but who told you that?itss been years or centuries...we cannot tell if what was Einstein's first words...Im Sorry if I cannot help You!
Albert Einstein was one of the all-time geniuses who was a late speaker.

A late bloomer: Even at the age of nine Einstein spoke hesitantly, and his parents feared that he was below average intelligence. Did he have a learning or personality disability (such as "Asperger's syndrome," a mild form of autism)? There is not enough historical evidence to say. Probably Albert was simply a thoughtful and somewhat shy child. If he had some difficulties in school, the problem was probably resistance to the authoritarian German teachers, perhaps compounded by the awkward situation of a Jewish boy in a Catholic school.

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