So...Why did you say that?

1 person
tests everyone and everything
2 persons only one knows
6 months 18 persons only 1 person knows
6 1/4 months 2 persons are told two words. "Mind Game"
17 humans are connected one is not
Ok so this smart *** man goes and does balls to the wall anything he wants to and he has fun. Plays these tests on everyone and says nothing just studying the different patterns of human behaviors. Learning of this advanced communication and response technique to gain control and improve positive or negative conversation. Then gets board and decides to help a few friends reunite and correct the world he was forced to view each day. Says mind games to his subjects of the last few months. Creditability was lost.
This was foreseen and done to glue dry his wishes of an end. Creditability regained by choice words and actions, and the memory of educating the 17 and himself during this process. Should mind games be used to better other people.
If You risk yourself for someone else "heroic"

huh? u gave me a fudging head-ache
mind games are tests that awareness can use to foster growth ,,but BS is not a way to teach it only teaches distrust inthe person as a user ,not a friend of the people he is decieveing, a lie is a waste of someones time on earth. a thief steals my trash, a liar steals my time,, the only real Gift from God is my time on earth ,,so if i or you cause it to be wasted I've lived less of it,, for this Krap ,deceit ,lies ,BS,, see thats the way to look at a headgame ,,as a copout ,,of life
that is why we are the way we are, if you have to test people on the life they already live, they know and you dont. mind games better no one, other than the player. they are fun for a while tho. heroic is someone who can piss without lifting the lid and have no over spray.

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