Why is a babys cry so nerve racking?

I don't know but I hope you are not my neighbor.If you are I'm sorry bout all the noise.
Because you cant smack babies.
Because babies are annoying
It is done that way so his or her mom will take care of her or him.

If baby cries didn't do anything for us we would be in big trouble since we would be able to block the sound in our minds.
Don't know, but it really is. probably it is nature's way to ensure that we find out what is wrong with it and remedy it. yes, it really is.
It's just touching you hormonally.
Are you a mom yet? Do you want to be?
If you are wishing for a child that irritation might come from the fact that you want a child and the crying touches a nerve.
If you don't want kids, you just may be the type that is irritated by kids in general.
:) A babies cry 'gets' to the "nerve-wracking" stage if its not well understood...almost like a fire that starts with a spark...if not put out soon enough, it rages!

A baby has 5 tell-tale cry's, each one specific to its need...if the Mom has them figured out right, it will never reach that nerve wracking cry...had i known exactly what n how, i would have typed them down...
Google it if ya need to...
Its a maternal instinct. When babies are crying they are usually letting you know that they need something or something is wrong. As women we tune into these signals as it is the only way our offspring have of communicating with us.
Because it must be stopped..

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