Is there some sort of moral meter you can put a situation in and see?

how it rates as a really bad thing you did, kinda bad, or no big deal and then rate you by "general standards" as a good person or middle person or bad person, I think this would interesting to come up with. Just ask various peoples opinions on subjects and combine them to get a general idea of how bad something really is and people can gauge it. By knowing what most everyone else things, people won't feel as much guilt about "thinkin about her husbands brother" or being aroused by "Jojo" the singer ect lol. I have OCD so I worry too much about anything i perceive as bad, and blow it up to where I feel like public enemy number one, it would be nice to have something to guage my actions by. I know this is a weird question, but does anyone know where something like this might exist?

The morality meter for any society is the norm accepted by the society in which a person lives.

This norm can only be determined by observation and the formal laws that the society creates.

However, your idea is excellent. The devil is in the details. I don't know how you could accurately collect that kind of data.
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