Do people follow you and give you thumbs down?

Do you ever feel like people follow you from one question to another and give you thumbs down. You are supposed to give a true question and that is what I do. I try not being a mean person but I am honest. I dont like to sugar coat any of this. Sorry I just needed to vent. I cant stand how rude some of the people are on here either. They sit on here and make you feel like the biggest piece of dirt in the world. I know it is just the internet but come one, people still have feelings. The only reason I get on here is to help people and I am the one that gets hurt, or at least that is how I feel.. Ok I am now done venting.. You can feel free to vent your mood today, if you had a bad day, or just wont to say hi. Remember always smile cuz that can cheer one person up!!

I don't give a thumb down unless someone is rude, racial, or gross. This is like a game to me. I don't let it get to me. Cause frankly, probably nobody will have the exact same opinion as me. Sometimes I get mad at the ignorant crap that goes on here. Just ignore it. You're fine. Don't sugar coat anything. Life doesn't sugar coat anything for us. Free country, speak up loud. You get a thumb down, just raise your middle finger up.
Hey, chin up! Don't let it bother you. We all get some of those silly thumbs down ratings. It doesn't mean a thing. Just think of it this way. It means that people are actually reading your questions and answers.
A popular participant here on calls that behavior, "Thumbstalking". Isn't that a great word?
You're very sensitive . Dont worry, people have different background, different opinion, different culture etc. I think most of them even almost all are saying what they really want to say. Some people may have a real opposite idea so they thumb it down. Nothing wrong with it.
Other people dont have to agree with us.

If I want to laugh, I go to Jokes and riddles section. I cant make good jokes but I try. OK...cheers!!
i don't pay attention to that, and frankly don't care what people think of my answers. i answer honestly, but if i think it's a stupid question, i don't waste my limit of # of q's per day to bother with it; i want to help people if i can, not make them feel stupid even if i think they are.

some of the things i see on here are stupid, some are gross & offensive (i report if i think it's necessary); i find this fun, and a very constructive way to spend free time at a job that is very boring and gives me alot of free time for this.
probably, i know i irritate a lot of people on here.

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