Why am i so uncoordinated?

I am the most uncoordinated person, ever! I think i may actually have some sort of learning disability, i have very poor motor skills. I can not play sports or dance or anything like that if i wanted to save my life. My therapist said it sounds like i have add/adhd, and that sometimes when you have that, it affects your spatial reasoning skills. has anyone ever heard this before?

I have add and sometimes I am very uncoordinated, but have never considered my add as the cause. However, I can see how this might be since coordination requires focus, which, because of my add, I lack. And it's true when I'm taking my medication, I don't get as flustered and impatient with situations and that allows me to be more graceful. So all in all, I think your therapist might have a point. Try some medication and see how it works for you.

Also--I am soooo much more creative w/ my medication, which is important because I'm an artist
I guess God was a little drunk when he made you.

Hee Hee. Just kidding.God doesn't get drunk..
Don't let anything get in the way of living your best life. Remember the marathon runner without legs?

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