Why do people enjoy insulting others especially other race or ethnicity?

People normally do this to make themselves feel important. People act a certain way toward other races because they are different and they do not understand the cultural differences. Instead of opening their mind, they shun people. They also tend to generalize and say if one person of a certain race is on welfare, they all want welfare. A person that is educated can see all the angles. They may still be prejudice, but you may never know it.
coz i makes them feel good?..
it mks them feel proud or big of themselves...
gives them a buzz
Because they think that they can only be big if they make everyone else seem small.
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!... From an NYPD officer! Oh... thank you... best laugh of the week.
i know i am so tired of bein called ****** and goon and porch monkey and oh yea it's really startin 2 piss me off when i am like walkin then all of a sudden white people are like "HEY ****** PICK MY COTTEN!" that's like really gettin annoyin
It makes those who r not too proud of themselves feel some sense of pride, a feeling of PRIDE is what everyone dies for, but not all go about the right way to achieve it.
The BULLY personna.

I hate bullys. Nasty. Pooh. Blah!

What's the definition of a bully?
Two people (plus+) with the common thread of dislike about someone who is not 'like them'.

It's kindergarden mentality that never matures.
062907 12:55
The other people are "different."
Because they are different than you and it makes you feel better about your shortcomings. Plus it can be really funny if it’s a clever joke and not just a racist blurt.
They are insecure and depressed or unhappy for some reason and need an OUTLET to spit their internal frustrations. There is hardly a true racist who is "given" to the cause; nature does not teach us to hate those of other ethnicities since we all depend on one another so much.

In most cases, racists are like whining children :)
Because they want to make themselves feel better and superior
Because its easy.
Closed Minds Should Come With Closed Mouths. Unfortunatly they dont. Most of the time people like that have a pile of issues and insecurities and they take it out on other people.
because people don't feel good about ther selvs so they judge other people so they can stop thinking about there selvs.
cuz one person alone is smart people are stupid and bcuz of that reason they tend to want to impress each other and will do anything to b excepted for something their not and sooner or later will find out there total scumbags

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