What else can you do instead of hurting yourself?

hurt others, like the majority of the population.
Thanking God for all He's given you.
b normal and get over it?
forgive those who caused you all that internal anguish
write in a journal and listen to really angry music.
There is this thing called, not hurting yourself.
listen to crazy dance music that you just can't help but dance, horribly bad, too.
Aye? Perhaps draw a picture? Sing a song?
seek help?
Take a walk.
Read a good book.
Take a shower.
Call a friend.
Really anything.
Get counseling.
not hurt yourself?
cry my little emo heart out...again.
smile for ten min. after about the first 2 you will start giglaling wich puts every one in a happy mood.
Not hurt yourself?
Focus on helping someone else in stead of focusing on yourself...
Exersice, I find that can cure anything, and takes the time away that you could be hurting yourself during.
blow somethting up so you can watch it explode or set off some fireworks
Think about all the wonderful things in your life! why would you wanna hurt yourself..be happy and dont live your life as a depressing one, coz eventually you'll be old and on your deathbed lookin back on all the things you should have done with your life.
You could go to someone and let your feelings out. Someone you can trust. If you can't find someone that you can trust than go to a shrink. You don't want to supress your rage. Let it out slowly. Don't keep it all bottled up so it can burst out all at once, like a volcano.
If you are like me and find it difficult to talk to somebody then your should write. I write poetry. It helps me get my emotions out and then I don't harm myself. If you don't want to write poetry then just write. Keep a journal and write in it everyday. Write down what you are feeling and why. Maybe in the process of writing you will come up with a solution that will make you feel better and stop you from hurting yourself. I will keep you in my prayers.
Sleep, cry, or stare into space. Other than that... nothing :(
You could book yourself in for a wax . . . maybe go for a run, that usually takes the sting out of my temper . . . alternatively jump in the car, turn up the radio and sing at the top of your lungs.

Don't hurt yourself, why would you subject your poor little self to any further suffering?
Do good in school or get a job. High school diploma to get a better job, plus money from the job, it makes you feel better and more independent, so you'll feel good enough not to hurt yourself...

Also: Use your feelings and put them into art work, poetry, or writing; bike riding/running, fishing, anything to do with being outdoors is good...
you can get a life.
If this is the only course of action you can see as helpful at the time, and truly do not know.you need professional help...not FunQA.com.
I got a punching bag, it helped a lot
Pain may be an indication of danger, just as is suggested by animals who avoid it. Emotions are easier to fix than bodies. Should the avoidance of every pain be considered ethical, or is it better to accept some pain as just a part of life?

From a religious perspective, in Christianity there is the contradiction that Christ is supposed to have taken all the pain for all humanity, yet he also said 'follow me'; if he experienced suffering how is it valid that we shouldn't also? What would be a good guide to understanding others, other than learning with pain as a guide? When pain is no longer experienced by anyone, not just people who refuse to experience any pain, then we are closer to understanding what God means by perfection
Try to figure out what hurts inside of you that makes you want to hurt yourself on the outside. It is usually something that was beyond your control and you want to make the pain "real" and not emotional. Recommend counseling to figure out the details, but sit in a safe environment and let yourself really dig deep into your psyche, I'll be you find something.

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