Is your will more important than your I.Q.?

I.Q. is important but it's of no good use to someone if he/she doesn't work hard to realize his/her I.Q.'s potential. For example, a student with a genius IQ of 140 who doesn't apply himself and ends up dropping out and working at McDonald's is as useful to society as a student with an I.Q. of 70 (borderline mentally challenged) who dropped out. On the other hand, a student with an average I.Q. who works hard, studies, and exceeds his potential is better off than the genius student in the long run.
yeah other ppl have to come 1st...
At times. I hear I.Q. is on the way out, thought.
Certainly. You don't have to be a genius to know right and wrong.
Its not how smart you are its what you do with your intelligence that matters.
Yes, your will, as you call it, is more important.
i would say so.
a lot psychologists are now saying that I.Q is probably not as important as emotional I.Q: your ability to understand and corroborate with others... and your ability to understand your own emotions and needs. Basically its your emotional functioning. I.Q is considered to be stable throughout your lifetime, but E.Q. can be improved with time and effort.
IQ is pointless, it presumes to be able to define what intelligence is, i mean, do you consider someone with incredible musical talent stupid if they have trouble in science? Isn't music or art or creativity in a form intelligence?
also, IQ tests are almost never used anymore, they have been outdated, those things you find online do not accurately reflect intelligence because there is no real definition of intelligence.
ít's much more important. what's the use of having an IQ of 167 if you're not willing to use it for something good or useful..? in order to survive in this jungle we call world one has to be willing to survive and put one's self out there. hope this helps.

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