Who was your mentor when growing up?

Did you have one? Was there someone that you looked up to and thought, 'I want to be like him/her'?

My mother. She held it all together when it was all falling apart with my cheating, drug addicted,, alcoholic father. She Always made sure my sister and I were safe, happy, and secure. We came first to her and no matter what was going on, she saw to it that we did not have anything to do with all the crap she went through. She is the strongest woman I know.
my aunt...she is my mentor and molder and contirbuted much to shaped my self being I am.
yes mine was the Biblical Timothy-Pauls accomplice. I admire him- his spirituality, up-building.
Hillary Duff...
My mom, she is not alive any more but I still want to be like her. I never wished to be like anybody else in my life.
I did not have one. I was very disillusioned when I was a child. I went through some things that a child should not have gone through, which made me have to grow up very fast. But again, It made me who I am today.
My cousin. I adored him. "That's gonna be a butterfly one day." and pointed at a woodworm's holes in the huge chest his Mum stored in the loft. So I gew up thinking all sorts of things :S Ants are the baby bees... But I felt traitored once I was older so I "broke with him" and nowadays I barely see him... Pity we had so much fun actually. Thanks for the question, its nice to have a reason to think back =)

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