3 most important ways to staying relaxed when speaking in public?

please help...if i can only not get nervous i'll do it okay...thanks!

You answered your own question. If you can only not get nervous you'll do okay! You know it already!

The most important thing is to be confident. Confidence comes from good preparation. Make sure you have the speech down pat, whether you're reading it, or have notes you're following or whatever. Do it a few times all by yourself, or for the dog, just to make sure you can get through it without getting stuck or losing your train of thought. If you think you might get stuck, just the fear of getting stuck will make you so nervous you WILL get stuck.

Self-confidence comes from good preparation, and also from realizing that you know the material and you are able to explain it to your audience. That's right, isn't it? You know what you're talking about, right?

Most people start a speech with a joke. That's so common that it's like I hardly have to mention it. The joke is to relax the audience, not you. 8^) It might not be a bad idea to sprinkle a few more jokes throughout the speech. If they know more are coming, they'll listen for them! But in any case, realize that people -want- to like you. They -want- to hear what you have to say. They are LISTENING! So just relax and tell 'em.

The other two things people always say are (1) imagine the whole audience sitting there in their underwear and (2) talk as if you were talking to one person. Those never worked for me but they might for you.

The biggest builder of confidence is getting through the speech. After you've done it a few times it gets much much easier!

Oh, one more thing. When you have 'stage fright' you are really at your best! Your heart is pumping, you're breathing faster, and your brain is racing too! You are the smartest and fastest-thinking you will ever be. When I was in school. we were told not to call it 'stage fright' but 'stage POWER'. 8^)
1. Pretend everyone is naked
2. Make eye contact
3. throw a joke or two in your speech
ther eis no sure formula here but this i suggest you to do.

1. get a camera & record yourself while practicing your speech.
2. eveluate the video noting the following.
a. voice quality - must be firm & not quiver, strong & well projected w/o shouting.
b. mannerism - like hands twitching or hands in the pockets or something whatever it is STOP it.
c. look into the audience eye - as if your talking to them look into their eyes avoid looking into the ceiling this makes your point much more clearer & more powerful.

try this points im sure you have your confidence built when you practice these simple rules.
Practice in advance, take a deep breath beforehand, pick out one or two people and make eye contact and pretend you're just talking to them. Go to www.toastmasters.org for more tips.
simple. believe in yourself. just think that you can do it!
1. People before you are fools
2. They are'nt listening to you, so dont break your flow & continue if you stop due to sm reason
3. Show lot of attitude
Look over the heads of your audience, everyone will imagine your talking just to them. Tell a joke to relax everybody, and realize that its not you there reacting to, its what you say to them.
First of all remember to breathe! Try and focus on a point just above the crowd so that you are not actually engaging eye contact but from a distance it looks as though you are. (As your confidence increases you will find you can actually look at people when you are talking.) Try and have key points on ONE card that will fit in the palm of your hand. One card is the best that way you won't get them muddled and increase your panic! Research your speech so you are familiar with it then use your key points as a quick reminder. It all comes down to the more you do it the more comfortable you become. Remember the six P's. Prior Preparation Prevents P**s Poor Performance! Good luck!

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