A domineering mother produces what kind of child?

What will a child (usually) grow up to be when he/she has a domineering/controlling mother?

Studies show kids can go from being very withdrawn to very aggressive. A child learns to live as did the mother, carrying on that way of life. A child can withdraw to the point of not knowing how to interact with others.
weak and dependent on her to make their decisions..immature.they will always ask Mommy what should I do? cause they never learned to think on their own or discover their own independence...
co-dependent, angry, lack of respect for women, emotionally immature, unable to make decision independent of parents, never really leave nest, horrible mates, etc.

Personal experience..
either rebellious or timid. but most likely, timid
They produce emasculated children or very dominnering children, either one or the other- depends on the gender, ironically domineering women produce domineering men{wierdinnit?}

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