What actions do you take to stop the spread of negativity on the internet?

I am interested in hearing about anything you have done on the internet to help stop the spread of negativity. For instance, some people have jumped on the "hug a hater" bandwagon. My reasoning: life is too short to be negative (and being negative wastes a whole lot of time and emotional energy whether you want to admit it or not). Why not make an effort to stop the hurtful comments and online posts that occur these days? Because the internet provides for anonyminity, that should be even more of a reason to try to spread positive ripples instead of propagating negative energy.

I don't particpate in negativity and if I do, it is to promote a better, peaceful solution or aspect.
Just stay off the Internet
I just hop on yahoo answers and answer either religious or psychology questions and spread the love that way...
just make sure YOU dont spread negativity. you cant control anyone but yourself, especially on the internet. if negativity is being created twords you by someone else (for instance on a website like myspace) then report it to the owner, and hope they take action. - theres not much you can do. but if i were you i wouldnt get invovled if someone is spreading negative energy, because then they'll just get mad, and then point all the negativeness twords you!! good-luck
I take none. What other people say is beyond my control. This doesn't stop me from trying to communicate ideas that I believe will help humankind evolve past our penchant for violence and exploitation.
Specifics: I pose questions that I hope will spark people to look at our contemporary issues in fresh ways. When I find a question that I can answer in a way that I believe will benefit the asker, I answer it. I am also seeking groups and forums where thoughtful, intelligent polylogues exist.
Stop is an negativity word in it's self, try using other word to get the action you want, how about alter, create, difuse negativity. They all mean the same, to do something different then the norm.
You really don't have any control over the kinds of comments that people will make. If they choose to stoop to a lower level, it doesn't mean you have to. It sounds as if you've had enough of posters who are rude, hurtful and inconsiderate. The thing is you have a choice to just ignore them. Their opinions are just opinions and if those opinions are something you don't like, then rate it as such and move on. Besides, what they say and think doesn't matter to you does it?

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