My Friend is having trouble in School, I've tried to encourage her the best I've could, but I don't think she

buys my assurance. In addition, I've shared some good news in my life with her via text. And...I haven't heard from her. Was I wrong to share some good news with her since she is having a difficult time right now?

No, I think that she appreciates your assurances and is glad to hear your good news. However, your good fortune is not offsetting her personal problems in any manner.

However, don't give up on her. She needs a friend right now. Try to dismiss her current non-communication as an indication that she is still having a rough time, rather than any reflection on the state of your friendship.

But, she still needs a good friend to get her through this rough spot. Sacrifice a little of your ego to boost hers up a bit.

She'll remember your help and you'll continue to feel good about giving of yourself for your friend.

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