# @ can you writ a paragraph or 2 or more the illustrates this thought:..?

Respect yourself and others will respect you.

Confused - A paragraph illustrating the thought of #@ , or the follow-up 'Respect yourself and others...' part ?

I had a good one ready for #@ .

Stranded and out of gas on a desert backroad I struggled to survive . The heat was hot and the sun was dry and I was lookin all around . After day one and no help in sight , I began to doubt my very survival . So I prayed . And then I prayed some more . For anything , something , that could help me survive . I felt I needed more help in the prayer department , so I went searching under the seats for that Bible I knew I had left there months ago .
My eyes hurt now and I've stopped sweating . A sure sign of heat-stroke I thought , and just the beginning of what would be the culmination of my life . Hmmmmmm . My life . As I began thinking about all the things that I experienced in my life.. . . . I got a big surprise . My hand had just found some bottled water under the seat !! Hope !!
I wasted no time in opening that bottle , that glistening bottle of life . When suddenly , my cell-phone rang !! It hadn't worked since I got in this predicament and now I've not only found water , I will also have found rescue . I set the bottled water down on my hood and frantically grabbed my phone . I answered very excitedly " HELLO , can you hear me , . please help I'm stranded about 70 miles..." . It was then that I realized that I had received an automated sales pitch about Time Shares . Oooooh , that was it for me . I furiously flung the phone across the hood of the car. . . . only to see it fly in slow-motion directly at my bottled water . And as you can figure , it hit the water and spilled my life source onto the desert sand . Son of a #@ !!

Well , that's my rendition of #@ !
Whaddya think ?
..If you don't respect yourself, you will reveal this in your behavior...your posture, your dress, what you say, what you do. You will give up on things, not even try things. People will know. They always do. And if they sense this, it will be nearly impossible for them to respect you.

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