Sexual Abuse Question?

I was learning in my Psychology class that in some cultures sex with children and incest is tolerated and encouraged, but unlike children in developed countries and civilizations the children don't sustain any emotional or psychological damage. Would it be off the mark to say the idea that sexual abuse and child incest can screw up a child's development is only cultural i.e. the nature v.s. nurture theory. For example, if a family were to move to a remote island away from the general population and the parents were to gradually engage in sexual activities with their children as they got older, would the children wind up psychologically damanged?

Please, serious and insightful answers only.

Yeah - well in America, there is a new line of thinking being brainwashed into us. NOTHING is wrong. NO ONE should tell ANYONE else that what they are doing is wrong. There are no absolutes, just do what feels right, right?

Well, this idea that children who have been molested in other countries, aren't mentally damaged could just be propaganda to support this new line of thinking.

Think about it, how did they do tests to support the fact that these children are not mentally damaged? How many tests did they do? Did they define "mentally damaged" according to American culture or according to the culture of the civilization? I mean, in some civilizations it is appropriate for the people to kill and cannabalize eachother. It is appropriate for people to rape eachother. So killing and cannabalizing and raping in the context of that culture would be defined as "normal" and "mentally normal."

So, you see, how the word "mentally damaged" is defined could be advantageous toward any held position? Particularly the position that NO ONE can tell anyone else that what they are doing is wrong.
That ANYthign is wrong is taught.
Sounds like a pedophile's dream. Incest and sex with children is NEVER ok. Who says they don't sustain emotional and psychological damage. When they become adults, aren't they perpetuating the same sickness, maybe selling their children into prostitution because of poverty and ignorance. Sex with you child is sick, any culture, any time .Period
I think that if a child grew up in atmosphere of incest-tolerance, it would not damage his/her psyche. However, by facing reality which would tell the child that these relations are wrong, some problems would arise sooner or later. Such person could have sexual relations with his children, for example. As for situation on the deserted island, I think that children would simply not consider these people as their parents, as we understand the term 'parents'. Concluding, I'd say that the question of sexual abuse depends on culture and particular situation.
I take your point that if someone is raised with something then they will find it normal,however,children are not made for sexual activity,especially not with adults.Most children discover themselves at some point but this is their own doing.It isn't something selfishly imposed on them for an adult's satisfaction.I watched a documentary about a tribe that assigned adult males with adolescent boys for sexual favours,the idea being that the drinking of the body fluids made the younger man stronger! When interviewed,the younger lads admitted to hating it.
There was a book and a movie called, The Naked Ape. It has been a long time, but I think it was about that very subject.
i guess this topic falls under what is crime and deviance? social norms and values shape what we think are right or wrong and this changes with time. it might help to research Durkeims view on crime and deviance and then apply it to the question in hand.

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