To what would you compare your wife, husband, girl friend or boy friend ?

A reliable old car;o)

A whoopee cushion!
A young and handsome Tom Selleck.
Wife: The Little Fat Controller' (although she isn't f'at')

My wife is the Sun above, my whole life resume in a smile, the prove God exist and forgave me for my really lack of talent.

My wife is the most perfect, spectacular, beautiful flower that any eyes had never imagine, immortal, tender and magical.
my best friend
I would compare my husband to a bike. He is a great ride, but is easy to push over to get my own way!
I'd compare my husband to a grouchy bear that is only happy when he's fully fed, but then needs a good nap.
A good deli sandwich. Looks good and tastes great.
a young kid
wife , my heart beat
My wife is not comparable she is in a class of her own.
A Twinkie, with a yummy tasting cream center. mmmmm Cant wait to go taste him now
She is my whole life and everything in it, what more can I say. She is every breath I take, every thought, every heart beat, every second of my life is her. I live for her pleasure and I am alive because she pleases me, she is the brightest star, indestructibly and will light my life for the rest of time for she is truly goddess upon earth, magnificent, immortal and mine.

There is not a day goes past when I don't look at her and think how lucky I am, and to wake up next to her is the most wonderful feeling, she is total perfection and I count my blessings that through thick and thin, through heart ache and tears through happy days and sad days, good times and bad she has stayed with me, for there is no angel in heaven or earth who could make me feel more happy and fulfilled then her

She is my existence, period.
A good, loyal, trustworthy, good looking and intelligent person, just like me!!

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