What factors do u think are important for development of one's personality?

Firslty it brings in the important factor of nature vs nurture.
Naturists believe all personality is predetermined by your inherited genes - therefore development is simply uncovering these factors
The nurture side believes that we both start off as a blank slate and that we develop our personality on the way.
Most psychologists believe your persoanlity is a mixture of both of these factors and therefore environmental factors are particually important
I would suggest that the following are the most important for developing your persoanlity (1 being the most important)

1. A support network (friends and families)
2. Taking yourself out of you comfort zone
3. Dealing with failures
4. Successes
5. Hobbies
6. Communication - Learning about a wide range of different people, in different situations
7. Education
8. Being content with your physical apperance
9. Imagination?
10. Travelling

I'm sure you can elaborate on these!
The way one is raised
The friends that one chooses
The school and teachers one encounters
The place where one lives
Both genetic factors and environmental factors. Personally I think it has a lot to do with experiences and influences in the first 10 years of your life.
parents... Environment...

I was raised with a Mediterranean upbringing on guilt... and I am an Arab in Texas...

so... I turned out Avoident, Anti-Authority, and Paranoid... :P
The interaction of genetics and the environment are the factors contributing to ones personality. For example, a person could be born with a very aggressive personality, and absence of empathy towards others. No love or perfect parenting is going to make a good person out of this child who will probably develop an antisocial personality disorder. Another example is a child born who is passive and easy to mold, give him/her a set of parents who are good, supportive and stress love, play and education in the raising of this child and you will likely get an adult with a very functional positive personality. Many children are born with a chance for developing a healthy personality but through poor parenting, or other factors such as abuse from teachers, or relatives can develop flaws in their personality. Therefore, personality is developed through various factors; The genetic make up, the parenting, the educational system, the neighborhood they grew up in, the extended family, or simply random occurrences which may have led to trauma, ie; rape by a stranger.
Healthy environment (people, places and things)
Healthy body (basic health of the mind and body and bodily functions
Continuation of these healthy conditions from youth to adulthood
Healthy interaction between you and others.

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