If you could change one--and only one--thing about yourself, what would it be?

And, why haven't you? Or aren't you going to bother?

Not anything external; anything can be changed by plastic surgery. I'm talking about internal things that can be changed if it is desired.

i would not be so co depend it in bad relationships i would learn to say good bye and leave it alone
I'd like to be 20 years younger but know what I know now.
two things patiences and lack of trust i have.

patience i am working to change and almost there

lack of trust in people who are trying to know me and be my friend but i have a hard time letting them in. also trying to date and i am 33 yrs and still very much single and want someone in my life. however i was sexual abuse as a child so it is really hard to move on when your psychie won't let you.
my depression. im depressed on tthe inside for being fat on the outside
my debt. need more money to pay pass due bills
I would change the part of myself that thinks something needs to be changed about myself. If I perceive myself as perfect, even if the world doesn't, wouldn't it make sense that I would be happier. I wouldn't want to be skinner, I wouldn't want to be taller, I wouldn't want to go back and finish college. I would perceive myself as perfect and therefore, not need to change a thing about myself.
When I was younger, I wised so that I was prettier! But I did my best and luckily, started concentrating on school; got a yr's scholarship to college; worked parttime and found that I loved learning--all through my life!! Ended up going back for post-graduate work and LOVED the work that I did--Guidance and Counseling therapist with very troubled adolescents for 21 yrs--taught Kinders in the beginning for 5 yrs and they taught me everything I needed to know about group dynamics!! Paid off my 3rd Student Loan the year I retired at 66! WORTH IT ALL!!
If I could change just one thing about myself, just one thing,
I wouldn't have Asperger's Syndrome. Having Asperger's, is a disaster in my life. It can hold you back, cause you to worry about nothing, it's a nightmare.

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