Just write a,b,c, or d...very important?

You see that one of your more experienced staff has problems in achieving one of his targets. He had done excellently up to now.

What would you do?
a.ask for ideas, but decide on what to do yourself
b.let him work it out for himself
c.support and encourage him, but let him decide what to do
d.decide what should be done and tell him.

You have been keeping an eye on a new team member. She is becoming both more experienced and more confident. You want to develop her further.

What would you do?
a.Praise her for her efforts so far and let her have more responsibility
b.Leave her to decide how to do the job on a day to day basis
c.Continue to keep a close eye on her
d.Explain how she should do things in the future and give her encouragement

c. you should have more faith in him if he's done an excellent job up until now. if he does make mistakes, he will learn from them.

a./c. you should encourage her and give her more responsibility but since she is new, keep an eye on her to make sure she continues doing a good job.

1) c
D & D
1) A
2) A
1 would be e: ask whats up. whats going on.
2) is A. hey would you like to have more free time by having a competent person below you doing a good job. saves you time from doing her job.

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