My boyfriend hunts and i hate it. advice??

I’m in a serious relationship with a guy and he is the most important thing in my life but if there was anything i didn’t like, it was that he hunts. his parents are guides up in Alaska so its a big deal for them. I’m not a vegetarian, nor do I think its wrong to hunt, I just really really hate it. I find it extremely sad and I will never do it myself. I cant seem to get over it. he knows how I feel about it and he isn’t bothered and he says he understands but I feel like the odd one out in the group. even his brothers wife wants to learn to hunt and here I am feeling sick to my stomach when I see all the pictures of the dead animals with them smiling like it was something to be proud of. Am I over reacting and being to emotional? Should I just learn to get over it? HOW??? I wasn’t raised in that kind of environment like him and I’m worried I wont quite fit in with them all. he wants to take me up there this summer and im a little worried. any advice??

Hey you seem like a really great gal and have a nice relationship...Yes I think you are falling in the trap of over analyzing somewhat and taking the scene to seriously...For example, you may like the beauty parlor or have hobbies and he doesn't do them, and inversely he's got something he was raised on and likes to do that you don't. Trust me couples need space and their own lives while they sincerly share theirs with each other. I don't mean to see chauvinistic here but your can still make food for them, support him, ask him how it went, get him hunting garb for Christmas, and enjoy the fact that he's enjoying himself...Also be sure to have things that you do like to do with him and I'm sure you do so just relax and have a great relationship.
u may be the odd one out but thats not so bad, he can have and enjoy a hobby that you dont share, i think its sad too, he should respect your feelings tho, if hes inviting you to summer with him and he knows how you feel he shouldnt leave too often to go hunting
Wah Wah WAh........ Read a book or something and get over it. Then find yourself a new bf.
well usually hunters are redneck tell him to stop wearin boots and get away from his cousin and then he might stop

or find a new man
How about this?

Whenever your boyfriend goes on a hunting trip, you take a trip of your own. You can go to the spa or have a womans only trip with your friends where you have fun and not have to deal with a toxic situation like hunting. That way, both of you are doing something you each enjoy and after that's over you two meet back up and go from there.

Have the best of both worlds, just some of it's apart.

Take care
You need to be honest with yourself first and with him second. Is this seriously something you can live with? If not, you'd better know that before you go further. If it is, then allow yourself some time to adjust to it. Good luck.
the only kill to be proud of... is that of human... in mortal combat (the lack of a "k" means its not the game) and my answer... learn to just ignore it or dump him
It's part of him. Deal with it and don't try to change it. If you can't do that move on.
Why do you hate hunting? If it is because you feel your values are superior to his families's heritage then you all are in for a world of hurt. When children come along you gonna tell him I don't want my children killing bambi and then the fur will fly when he wants to pass his heritage on to his children

"He is the most important thing in my life"??????? Really now!! How important can he be when you have such negative outlook about him and his family.? Sounds like you are a self centered person.

I have some advise for you. Find yourself a tree hugger and spend your life hugging trees together. But PLEASE leave this family alone. Your values are not superior to theirs but you will never admit that because of your self centered outlook.

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