Almost every day.?

I think about men and how I wish I had a boyfriend. I try to think about activities that will either help me meet other people to eventually meet a guy.
I have no life, no friends (I have lived in Los Angeles, for 5 years and its hard to meet people in L.A.) and I just cant stop thinking about why I dont have a boyfriend.
I dont NEED one- I WANT one. I am not ugly, I am a nice person..but I have never really had a relationship with anyone before and it sucks.
What can I do to stop thinking about it so much?

I am sure the only reason you cannot look for a boyfriend is because you don't have the time or energy or money to look for a relationship all these years. On top of that there is this feeling, "OMG - I am ageing so fast".

My perception is "Age is immaterial" in today's times. You either find the right person or you DON'T. There is no middle way, no scope for sitting on the fence, you either take the plunge or you don't.

When the right person comes in your life (and hopefully you're settled by then), it will be such a wonderful, remarkable event and bliss all around :) that's how it works.

As far as the thought of having your own children that comes with the right person, by chance if it becomes too late you can always ADOPT one unfortunate kid who needs a loving home - don't look at such an event as a compromise but something that was destined for you.

Our choices are limited, aspirations are not.
Meditate when you wake up and before bed.
Try a dating service or an on-line dating site. Go out with friends in a group. Good Luck
The more you think about NOT having a boyfriend, the more you are sabotaging yourself, NOT to have one. Once, you change your mind set and think... "I'm a great person and I'm going to meet a great person" it will happen. Try putting yourself in social gatherings. Like, take some ballroom dance lessons, or go to a near by coffee house and have a cup of coffee. Keep yourself approachable, where bright colors, look at people and smile. It will happen, just change the way your thinking.
awww, i have the same feeling, i am a guy and i dont have a girlfriend, wanna add me up on my space?
Desperation has a stink to it that wards people off no matter how subtle and controlled you look.

So forget about trying to find someone first.

Go speeddating with NO expectations.

Once you give up you'll seem relaxed and confident and that's attractive.
stay busy..get involved in church or extra classes, volenteer work, or even volenteer at your local you are staying busy and your focus comes off of looking so much he will find patient..and while you are stay busy...maybe even think about adopting a pet from a shelter and volenteer there..once you are aboe to care for someone else you wont be looking so hard
I don't know what your interests are but LA is a big town and if you do it right, you should be able to meet some people. Try going to craigslist LA friends or activities section and find something to do where you will make some friends. Friends spawn more friends if you are a "nice person". Making friends, in my experience, has been the best way to find someone special. Good luck to you
i suggest that you get yourself out there.Do an activity or join the gym or something.Your attitude might be sending a negative vibe to people.Most men are attracted to positive females and if you walk around feeling sorry for yourself(not having a boyfriend) you'll be attracting the wrong type of people.Ask yourself why do you want a man in your life?Is for the good or bad reason?(Are you lonely or do you feel incomplete without a male presence)
I totally echo "luv2help" and "Becca98..". Get out and get involved in the world.this is how it happens that you meet people. Are you interested in politics?, music?, a reading club?, wine tasting clubs?.read the LA times for cryin' out loud, especially the Guide to what's happening. Go to some of the events, you may make some friends which may lead to introductions to some potential dates. One thing, please, please.when you finally meet the first one who notices you, please, just keep natural and make him your friend first and foremost, in order NOT TO RUN HIM OFF. I once was lonely and scared like you and I learned quickly that men pick up quick on the OMG I got to get a man way of thinking.The very minute I got involved with someone, then out came the other men, from outer space, under rocks, off the trains, airplanes, out of cars from everywhere....because I was taken, that's why. Just get on with what you are interested in and get very passionate about that, don't worry, men will see that as a challenge also and try to get you to focus your passion on them. Good luck girlfriend. (From a 60 year old granny who still gets checked out).
You could always relocate to a smaller area not South Carolina either just kidding here is nice but you could also try a christian singles site don't fall in love too quickly because there are phony people out there that just want what they want...try church try work you meet a nice guy talk to him but do not again do not over act like trying to show off and being loud is a real big NO NO but eventually you will find someone and maybe you should smile more before you walk into a place make sure you have that aggravated tiresome look off of your face sometimes it written all over your face and you don't even know it...smiles 2 you and your upcoming relationship
Maybe you have high standards (which is a good thing). Plus LA is a tough place to meet people, they're all very busy with THEMSELVES> ughh
Def. a good time to get active with yourself. Educate, new hobbies, the more you know about you the better you'll know what to look for in a mate- not just SOME guy. You do want to meet a healthy person who COMPLEMENTS who you are.
Remember though, relationships can bring pain. YOu sometimes go through lots of heartbreak before meeting someone your compatable with.
From knowing people in your same boat they have always found someone and some even married shortly after that so I WILL happen it just takes some time.
i agree with someone on top of me.the more you think that you are not going to get into a relationship, the less likey it will happen. sometimes putting your mind first helps so much and it gives you great confidence. everyday when you look at yourself in the mirror tell your self that you will make that change and meet that special someone.

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