Am i being visited?

my grandfather died when i was about 2. i have a few memories of him, but my grandmother and my mom say that a few years later i started to talk to my grandfather and that i always acted as if he was there, talking to him and playing with him. my mom even went to some other parents whose children had imaginary friends, and they told her that their children would speak both ends of the conversation, but i only spoke on my behalf when talking to my "grandfather". it gives me chills to even think about it... also my mom had an experience where she thinks that her dad appeared to her, and we believe that every once in a while he comes back to visit us... are we truly being visited by him, and if so, is there any way i can communicate with him?

I think that you're totally being visited. When I was like 2 months old my Aunt Burt died. She was my great great Aunt, but whatever. My mom told me that when I was 2 or 3ish I was playing in the hallway talking to the corner. She asked me who I was talking to and I looked at her like she was dumb and said..Aunt Burt. I had never sen her picture, or really even heard about her.

Then, when my grandfather nieghbor said that she bumped into something in her hallway. She looked up and saw a man about 6'3 with white curly hair and a husky build. She didnt feel scared tho. She said he looked at her and said Where is laura...(my mom) she just looked and said..Next door. He vanished. Then, my mom said that he appeared to her in the living room. (just thought i would share that)

As far as communicating with them..I have heard if you say meet me *here* at *this time* they will meet you there. But, sometimes you can get an evil spirit that takes over the form of your loved one.

Wow...I sound nuts lol
Naw this is the right category. I think that you are being visited by him, but i dont think that there is any direct way for you to communicate with him. My dalmatian of 9 years, who i swear was my soulmate-pet, [meaning he was meant to be my pet & i have a very profound bond with him], visits me in dreams and i rarely think of him. You can tell if someone is visiting you in dreams, because you will just KNOW. i KNOW that Dakota [the dalmatian] is visiting me in my dreams because i can litterally feel his warmth and even in the dreams i keep reminding myself that its impossible and that dakotas not here anymore. Thats really cool that your grandfather is visiting you, we dont all get this rare chance. I was blessed with the presence of Dakota, and youre blessed with the presence of your grandfather. The only thing you can do is keep doing what youve been doing, and think of him here & there.
let it go may he rest in peace
I think it's very possible. According to paranormal experts, children have a much better sense of others' presences.
It sounds to me like you are being visited. I personally believe that after our friends and loved ones cross over, that they can come back. I don't think we're ever truly alone and that our loved ones that have died are still close to us.

I've heard many times that small children are MUCH more likely to see someone that has passed than an adult would be. We (adults) have learned what is supposedly possible and impossible.

My mom died last year and she has visited numerous times. I'm sure of it.

My personal belief is that it isn't anything to be afraid of. It makes me happy to think my family is still close to me. Watching over me and helping me along until it's time for me to go home, too.
You guys are funny. Try and then go visit your therapist.

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