Attention everyone! What have we really done to are self's?

People..In are humble world we all try to be someone else, get plastic surgry, or compare yourself to someone. Now in this complex life that people stand on. I think to my self..What have we done? I want people to be who they are and not who they want to be. I want people to be proud who they are. I don't want resism and I don't want war. Man was the creater of war but we need a woman's touch of peace. If we had peace in the world everything would be free. Do you think so?

Peace out man.
babe, human nature being what it is, we will never have peace. and we will never be satisfied with what we have.
sorry to burst your bubble, but we are what we are.
oh sure there are a few laid back folk out there but not enough to matter. so, enjoy what you have, while you can, cause sooner or later someone will come along and mess it up for you!
peace man!
to tell you the truth ,i might be wrong,i don't think that obtaining the kind of peace that you dream of is possible,because there will always be misconceptions and ideas to ruin the earth and benefit from it,it's the lack of principles in the person,the loss of faith in the heart, all that you can do is find something that is yours and make an island for yourself, people are always going to dissapoint,it's just who they are.
you must be like seven years old
you need to learn how to spell correctly
nobody likes war, sometimes it is the only way though
and what is resism?
you mean racism?
everybody is racist is some way shape or form, even midgets
you mean man was the CREATOR of war?
and there will never be peace in the world
one word
I'm greedy, you're greedy, everybody is greedy, you may be thinking "I'm not greedy" yes you are, what about all of that money you saved up to buy that bike? that's greed, why didn't you donate it to a charity? greed
greed is going to kill everybody
Unfortunately, well meaning people that want things are the source of much of or world problems, even more-so than all of the violence. When a person has wants, then usually it requires another's participation, otherwise the person wouldn't likely have the want if the solution was soley up to the individual. So, then desiring action of another for your own personal satisfaction is objectifying and dismissive of another. Your motives are good you say. I say, your motives are only your own, and it looks to me that wanting of oneself will contribute to world piece much more that judgeing and abusing others as a way of destracting from personal responsibility. So I say, pay attention to your own self and see all of the good that comes of it.

There is no one I would rather be. I think people have done too much listening to others and following along with what others say and do, and have not been independent thinkers!

Many people are traditionalist. They celebrate all the holidays, when in fact many were designed for commercial purposes, but to have you feel guilty if you don't go along with the tradition of buying gifts for our "loved" ones when in fact they don't deserve them or you can't afford them.

Opps, didn't mean to go off into the deep end.
Go to country; southern US is always purer among people. Well, they might not accept you if you are from a different race, though.
I have always be into individuality. I am certainly not up for plastic surgery nor succumbing to anything else what the world is doing just to do it.
The greed of the people happens only in a small percentage of the world's population, but they are in the position to dictate the "perception" of what a person should be.
If you want to be successful, you should look this way, or be this way.
Essentially, fear is the greatest evil, because we allow many of the world's worst problems to be dealt with by someone else because we fear how they would affect us personally. It takes a very strong person to stand up for what is right and not back down.
That is why we live with rascism, homophobia, poverty and people who want only to destroy.
If there was peace, it would take the majority of all of the people in the world, both male and female. I don't think humanity has evolved enough for that to happen any time soon.
It is good that you voice your opinion and that you put yourself and your wishes out there.

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