A wondering mind would like to know?

Do you all ever get tired of them dumb chain letters? or do you believe the chain letters?

I do get tired of them. I try to watch the funny stuff on YouTube peacefully, and then comment, but then you have all these chain letters everywhere, and what's worse is that people would actually believe them and spread them around.

A girl named Summer was supposed to show up at my bed two months ago. So no, I don't believe in them.
I do not like recieving them, because I have followed the instructions several times and was suppose to recieve lottery tickets, dish towels etc. and other people don't participate and it's not fair to those who do. I will not participate ever again. I have wasted too much time and money on them in the past.
I never bother to answer any chain letters and seldom get any. I used to get them regularly but I guess people got tired of sending them.

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