A child who experiences extreme withdrawal and obsessive behavior along with lack of social interaction...?

Whut does this child suffer from?

I'm no Doctor but it could be Autism. Check out some websites on the subject that might help.
hmm sounds like me
it could be several things: autism and aspergers stick out in my mind. i am no doctor, but i will be. it depends on the "obsessive behavior" and whether or not it is driven by a particular compulsion or if it is just a nervous habit of sorts. aspergers is sometimes reffered to as "autism lite" because the child has communication skills but there is a lack of want of social interaction.
That was me when I was using drugs.

Withdrew from family
Obsessed and compulsed over everything.
Wasn't around anyone who didn't deal or do drugs

So, my answer to your question is:

Drug addiction - (and where I come from, alcohol is a drug!)
I would say that you should have the child evaluated to see if they have autism. There are different levels of autism and it depends on which level they have also it could be a lose of hearing that could cause the lack of social interaction. We usually react because we hear. If you don't know that someone is in the room with you will you interact with them?? There should be a complete medical evaluation done and then there should be a psychological evaluation done. But even though autism is the first thing that comes to mind it isn't the only thing that causes isolation. You haven't said how old the child it autism doesn't usually show up until about the age of 2 to 4 if you're talking about a child who's younger than that it might be that all the child's sense's aren't working right.
Sounds like autism from what you describe but it could be any combination of problems that a specialist doctor may help diagnose.
It is not necessarily autism, which also has many other symptoms.

What sort of obsessive behaviour? Some people are quiet and have difficulties communicating, and there is not necessarily any particular reason.

If the childs behavioour has recently changed they may have experienced an emotional truma recently.

Best thing is to get him/her assessed by a doctor

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