Should everyone who's quiet and doesnt talk in class like Cho Seung Hui be examined just in case there nutty?

Not at all. This is obviously too broad a category. However, the pieces should be put together in a better way. This guy had stalked two women, had written really violent stories and made everyone around him so uncomfortable that people in class with him quit. That says something!

This information should have been put together better. The question is: what would be the central place that this information would be put and who would decide what to do when they find someone like this guy.

You can't punish someone BEFORE they do something, but you certainly can't wait until they kill a bunch of people either.

So the question is: what can be done preventatively?
yes but only if they act crazy
Being a teacher myself, I also have quiet students in my class. Usually I would occassionally approach them personally in a nice way to see how they are doing so that I won't be left clueless about their character, and intervene in case they would not act normally towards his classmates.

They shouldn't be examined because they easily get hurt by that suspicion.
It's not the being a quiet loner that's dangerous. There are plenty of shy or socially challenged people that never hurt anyone. It's the way he talked and behaved when he did act. He stalked women. He bought guns. He wrote creepy things. He spooked one of his teachers. He gave unfriendly glares to the people in his dorm. He didn't just project quietness. He projected hostility and hatred. That's what's in his eyes.
If just one person on the earth took time to talk to him, he may not have done what he did. All it took was a straw and the camel's back broke, so to speak. He probably got picked on, people are damn mean and nasty in this world.

Either you grow a thick skin, like most people or you do it his way. That's life.

I am deeply saddened by what happened, do not get me wrong, it was a terrible thing and I would rank it up there with 9-11 because they didn't care either. They have a name for this behavior, it's called domestic terrorism and there ought to be laws enacted to get people put behind bars before damage is done.

They had warnings and chose to ignore them, the kid was a walking time bomb. His OWN teachers reported him and nothing got done!!! I hate to be the people at the PD that could not take this kid in on any charges because there isn't laws to protect future violence.

Blame the lawmakers, and make them change.
At times, Silence is an indication of intellect. Those who listen learn more than those who run their mouths alot. The person who takes lives out of anger, innocent lives, is not insane simply because He was quiet, He is insane because he had the inclination to kill people. Apparently, this person had a history of aggressive yet passive acting out that came to a climax as many lost the gift of life. It is sad, It is going to be talked about for a long time, but in answer to your question, No, All quiet people are not plotting to murder innocent people. The sad part is, the only punishment he faces is eternity in Hell. For his crime, He will most likely gain some kind of admiration There. Not where I come from. Prayers for the deceased.

it's one thing to be a loser who doesn't have any friends. it's another to be a murderer. someone might not have social skills to interact with others, but that doesn't mean we should just assume there is a chance they'll blow all of our heads off.

should we humiliate and infringe upon the rights of the many to stop the few? I say no. there has to be a better way.

granted, i like your idea more than many of the other ones i've heard. tragedies like the one at virginia tech are horrible. but the witch hunts that seem to ensue after these events aren't much better.

thats just my take.

No, not everyone who is quiet has mental problems. There are a lot of people who do not talk in class because they are scared that they may have the wrong answer. Some are intimidated by others in class who seem to know all of the answers. It is only when they start showing odd behavior that they should be looked at. For instance, Cho was quiet but he exhibited very rude behavior. If he was just shy it would be no problem, but he was taking pictures of other students at knee level. He was acting out in a negative way, and he should have been removed from campus because of this. This is a form of sexual harrassment, to take a picture of the lower half of someone's body. When I was in high school, our valedictorian was very shy and hardly talked at all, however, she was the nicest person in the world.
Just because a person is quiet, doesn't necessarily mean they are psycho killers... there are many additional signs to look for in diagnosis... one thing to look for is a lack of reason... someone who cannot see any other perspective but their own.. someone who cannot deal with problems in a rational, real time scenario !!! The ones who enter a room and suck the life out of it.. now those are the ones we need to scrutinize a little more...
Of course not. Maybe the person is just more introverted or maybe they're shy? Not wanting to talk to people doesn't mean you're a murderer.
No. No. No. NO!

There's already too much of a trend to treat everyone as guilty based on no evidence whatsoever.

Being quiet does NOT mean a person's a mass murderer.

It's just wrong to act that way.

There was reason to believe he had serious mental problems; they were ignored.

We shouldn't jump on everyone who has some one thing in common with him (would you have every brown-eyed person analyzed, or locked up?).

What we need to do is get help for people who are known to have problems.

Not treat every person who isn't noisy and obnoxious as though they have a problem.

There were a lot of reasons to believe he had problems before he started shooting.

Instead of seeing murderers in every person, we should pay more attention to the real warming signs.

Not speaking up in class is NOT one of them.

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