How would you define Personality? What is Personality?

Why are our personality different from each other?
I just wanna know how people will answer to this question differently from me, thanks.

..Personality is the unique way an individual has learned to deal with the challenges of life and work. It is the general trend of how a person thinks and behaves.

It's based on a few inherited traits, but mostly it's how a person builds on that, making decisions in life to learn a certain way, interact a certain way, solve problems a certain way, etc.

Every personality is unique. There are no two exactly identical personalities. This is because no two people are alike and no two people grow up under the same conditions with the same experiences and decisions. Patterns of thought and action are ingrained, and the sum total is an individual's personality.

Personality is only one of the ways a person is unique. Separate from personality are knowledge, skills, values, motivations, memories, resources, and strengths of character.
Personality is basically a stable, consistent set of traits that make up who you are (introverted, shy, optimisitc, etc). It rarely varies substantially across situations or time.
well we all have different personality because we r all different people and a different race and different religions.
Ancestry and personal experience are what make unique personalities in my but thats what makes my opinion unique too, so there you go!! lol
What a great question! Well, I would recommend, if you are REALLY interested in this, looking at some work by a guy named Gordon Allport. He is the author of "Becoming: Basic considerations for a psychology of personality" and "The nature of prejudice," both very good. Old, but good.
After studying personality for years, I've concluded that it means only which direction you're most out of balance. A person who is dead center is nearly impossible to put in a category.

You come across like an Idealist because you're concerned with personality. Identity, and Romance. There are multiple classifications for the same thing.

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