What can We Do about New Yorker?!?

He is a mean, mean kid. He left me an answer that made me delete my question 'cause he made me feel bad about myself and now I see he is taunting everyone with the infamous:
..('(...´...´. ¯~/'...')
....''...\.... _.•´

He makes fun of people, insults them about their problems, and puts us down.

Can we get him trouble? He deserves it. His name is: NEW YORKER.

maybe we should flag all his questions and get his account deleted?(That's what someone did to me!) and lighten up Ashley. If ur gonna be a biitch, stay outta this.
I'm with you.
very funny. You should change your avartar to something cute. Honestly it makes you look like a geek or nerd. And NEW YOrker you have no life and your so funny when you insult people.
just ignore him
"He is a mean, mean kid. He left me an answer that made me delete my question 'cause he made me feel bad about myself"

Not that I advocate what he's doing online, one must remember that this is Y!A. This is not real life. If one of his answers made you feel bad enough to delete your question, you have some serious self-esteem issues. Some loser typing words on a screen should not affect you so much. You need to calm down and take this for it is - an advice forum. Sheesh...

EDIT : No, I was being nice before. Now I'll just say what I was hinting at before - quit whining. Especially to people who can't do a damn thing about it. Some guy hurt your feelings online? Boo hoo..

Yah, maybe he is mean. Oh well, so are a lot of people. Are you going to go complain to someone every time someone is a little mean to you? How old are you anyway? And saying he "made you feel bad about myself", it sure as hell makes it sound like your little feelings were hurt. Don't say you feel bad for me - I pity you for caring so much about something so trivial. And I know you're going to respond with "I don't care, blah blah blah", but you've made it pretty clear that you do. I'm done with you - your contradictory statements bore me and your little pity party is an utter waste of time. Good luck with him getting what he apparently deserves. Will that give you some sort of satisfaction? Like I said before, I was originally trying to be nice and say don't take it so hard, its only the Internet, but eh...
Kinda makes u seem whiney, and your avatar does need a little work, all though it would be more interesting if New Yorker had one too. Anyway, you can click "report abuse" and let the yahooers decide.
Oh wow. U should contact The Yamster. He's in my contacts if u wanna mail him. OR u can flag all his questions and report it there. If he has too many quetions flagged, his account can get suspended.
OH MY GOD. ASHLEY. You are a biiitch. chill out. this girl is just saying one thing and you freak out you are a mean mean girl. you have WAY too much time if you are going to do this on FunQA.com.

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