What to do when living with the person you hate the most is there any way you can solve this positivly?

Find somewhere else to live.
Living in an toxic environment is not
good for the soul.
starrdevine is right...give her the 10 points..i let a good friend move in with me once, we hated eachother within 3 months...i kicked him out, and we've been good friends since...
well have you ever heard of a love hate relationship thats what i think is going on because if your living with someone that you hate the most i mean who is it your mom,dad,boyfriend,girlfriend,f... whats going on for every feelinf theres a TRUE feeling why you just dont wake up one morning and say man i really hate this person there has to be a logical reason for the way that you feel and whoever it is that your hating you both need to address the situation ansd separate yourself from it until you find a resolution
Well it depends who that person is . suppose that person is ur spouse or may be kids or ur parent then i guess u need to think twice before kicking that person out. as it is we are living in a world where relationships are losing their meaning and importance!!

If u decide to give ur relation another try (thumbs up to u!) then first you need to sit with the person and talk to him or her and speak ur heart out, there is a possibility that the other person may also have some grudges against u then dont react but listen calmly may be he/she has a point and then mutually look for a solution so that u can positively resolve the hatred, but yes if still u experience the same degree of hatred then possibly i will also say it will be too toxic for u to live. U may then decide to move out of the relationship as well.
There are these battle stands fit for this situation:
1. if you are in advantageous position against this person you hate, i.e. you pay for the rent, you're the one who keeps the place for all time, this person is a drug dealer, and sort, > kick 'em out.
2. if you're in somewhat constraint since i.e. this person is your spouse and you still have something to treasure of with, they are your parent(s) and you're still on their money, they are your parent(s), you're not dependent on them money-wise but you're the only one caring for them, - i don't believe you can really hate your own offsprings, though > you can either stay and mend things up, or retreat - that is get out temporarily to help you sort things out more clearly;
3. if there's no way out of no.2, while you've got enough resources with you or in desperate and have nothing to lose, then bail out.
But any of these three, always ask help from any source you can find, religious group, relatives, best friends, neighbors or even professionals.

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