How do you know if you're being mentally abused by your spouse?

Mental abuse begins with degrading remarks then escalates from there. I presume that if you're asking, you're feeling it. If they make you feel small, insignificant, stupid and ugly or fat, it certainly is abuse!I can't tell if dgail is masculine or feminine but it's a perfect point. Mental & verbal abuse is not exclusive to men or women. If they put you down, laugh at you, tear down your opinion, disregard you as a human being or as an equal, that is mental/emotional/verbal abuse. You can't have one without the other of these three because it's all designed to make them feel superior because they can't do that on their own merit. The people who abuse, as you have heard have usually been abused & torn down. Most all of it is Learned Behavior. My advice? Get away now, these things don't change until the abuser gets help.years of help.
When she makes you feel like you want to either strike back, verbally, or leave her.
This can be a difficult question to both ask, and answer. Often times the abused does not even realize the abuse is happening. Harsh words or laguage used alot can be a key give away, intentional lack of affection to make the abused feel bad, unfriendly teasing. You have to look in your self, how often does your spouse make you feel bad? Have they ever manipulated you into doing something you really didn't want to do? I am sorry I cannot offer more, but this is the best I can come up with. Good luck.
Abuse happens when someone crosses the boundaries you have set for yourself.
Hey it doesn't take a genius. If he makes you feel bad, grinds your self esteem under his heels, calls you names, ridicules you in front of people, etc. etc. etc. I would say that is a pretty good indication.

Give him an ultimatum...shape up or ship out.

Remember too, that nobody can make you feel bad except yourself. If you sit there and take it, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Stop the abuse.
There are good answers here.
It starts small and grows like a snowball,
and escalates out of control if boundaries
haven't been established.
when he makes you think you're not worth a damn. when he deflates your self-confidence. and tells you how a "good" wife should be.
If you just asked this question for yourself is because you are being abused, as simple as that.

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