What is your earliest memory?

Visiting my new born baby brother in the hospital (who was asleep) and trying to put some biscuit crumbs in his mouth thinking he might be hungry. They all jumped at me saying no and were laughing.
one year old being pushed in a pushchair by my mother on a sunny day.
My earliest memory was when i was about 8-12 months old, our house had just been cleaned from a gas explosion which burned pretty much everything. Well, i was sitting in my high chair in the dining room, and my dad was pulling funny faces through a big hole in the wall that the explosion made.
i was sitting on my grandfather lap,
he's not here anymore...
Swimming down a long pink tube. Then up a long pink tube finally hitting my head on a great big egg !
Walking under our dining room table, and seeing the lumps of used gum stuck to the freeboard of the table.
Probably my grandfathers visits. He would bring M&M's. I have a vision of being on the front porch one time when he came to visit. He passed away when I was three.

I remember being in my stroller one time and thinking I am old enough to play with the boys next door.
A few months, I could see the use for my arms and other parts, but I couldn.t figure out what legs were for.
i was about 2 or 3 and fell down the stair case of this right creepy cottage we used to live in after seeing cows in the front yard that had escaped from the farm next door .. still hate cows now and im 35
4 yrs old and had a very bad case of chicken poxs...lol
Sitting in the kitchen with mother and two elder sisters and crying for no reasons. Starting with great vigour, very loudly and then when nobody pays any attention, slowly turns to whimpering before tapering off. That seemed to be my pattern for all evening meals. I do remember them laughing at me. I wonder what was it that made me do it with such regularity?
I was about four playing in cement with my friend from next door! There was builders working at the ends of our gardens! I was a mess!
Looking at funny symbols on photos and knowing that grown ups could understand them.
It was comedy speech bubbles coming out of people's mouths with words written in them!
I could read from the age of 3 so it must have been before that.
I also remember hearing that the song 'True' by Spandau Ballet was at number one on the car radio just after seeing a car crash on the road ahead of us. It was number one in 1983 so I would've been 3 years old then.
I was about 21 months old. My mother accidentally backed the car into an old crumbling adobe wall. She told me "not to tell daddy". I remember I was wearing a bright blue pants suit with matching top and pants. This is common in kids clothes today; but for me it was unusual . I felt very dressed up. ... In my go to town clothes so to speak.

The thing I remember about my mother is that she had a scarf/sash tied around her head in a gypsy fashion. The car was an old Nash, made before World War II.

Interesting question!
Before I was a year old, I opened one of my diaper pins and stuck it in a light sockett.
I was in my push-chair, asking my Mum for some sweets. Not sure how old I was.
Having my bum slapped!
Standing in my cot watching my mum do something.

I'd guess I was somewhere around the age of three, but I can't confirm that.

My dad helping me and my sister up on our horse!
At about 2 yrs old my sisters had a cartoon projector for Christmas and I remember looking at the words and wishing I could read them.
I also remember not knowing how old I was when somebody asked me : )
Sitting in the front seat of a Tornado F3 and pressing all sorts of buttons I really shouldnt have.
I was 2, and yes, I want to be a pilot.
hope cord wount break and a save landing

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