Meyer Briggs MBTI: Is it accurate in Identifying Personality traits?

Is it as useless as astrology or does it give a good though admitted rough estimate of a person. How is it different from other forms of profiling?!

If you answer truthfully it is reasonably accurate.
People feel different on different days, so tend to answer slightly differently when retaking the tests.
This can lead to you falling into a different category type.... HOWEVER, the types are laid out in Grid Form, and the validity of the test is shown by the fact that even allowing for your different answers, people will rarely move more than 1 square away from their personality type. Similar types are adjacent on the marking Grid!
So, the personality typing is reasonably accurate, and has some validity.
Astrology really is rubbish - the constellations aren't even together in space, they rely soley on the visual angle provided by Earths position in the solar system.
not at all ... its real crap
I found it pretty much accurate. A few things were off, but over all, it was pretty scary.
We did this at work in our department. Seems to be very accurate, as long as you answer quickly without giving each question too much thought. It helped us as a department to understand each other better, and was fun! Also, we did it ten years later, and came out pretty much the same, but some things were different, as you do change as you mature,(or from life changes) but was still pretty accurate.
The reliability of the test has been interpreted as being low, with test takers who retake the test often being assigned a different type.

Surveys performed by the proponents of Myers-Briggs, the highest percentage of people who fell into the same category on the second test is only 47%.

Furthermore, a wide range of those tested fall into different types upon retesting weeks or years later, and many people's types were also found to vary according to the time of the day.

I certainly agree on this, having done it a few times and differing times and got completely different answers.

The better test is the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI).

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