Why do i hate people in general?

ever since working in customer service for nearly 12 years, i hate people. i don't want to be around them or deal with their stupidness... how do i stop?

You've got to change the way you look at people. Everybody is going to do or say at least one stupid thing on a daily basis..you and I included -- but you don't hate yourSELF do you?
Most likely not. This is because we humans tend to focus on our better aspects when looking at ourselves personally.
This is what you need to do for others. Look for the good or intelligence within them.
It'll take more effort than normal for you to do this simply because your past job caused you to focus on the stupid imperfections of others for so long.

From now on -- when somebody does or says something "stupid" in your presence....try not to dwell on the action.
Try not to think , "THAT. was. the. STUPIDEST thing I eVER..!!".
You can try thinking, " How goofy." or " That was silly." And then move on to the next moment.
And when someone does something that strikes you as being intelligent..don't let it slip out of your mind. Take it as a reminder that ALL humans aren't COMPLETE dumbells.There ARE a few intelligent humans hanging around out there.
Promise :)

Slightly humorous side thought:
Law of Probability

The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act.

In other words..it seems that we tend to make our goofiest of mistakes when people are around.
...like tripping over our own two feet :S


You do hate yourself?

Well we're getting to the base of the problem.
When we hate ourSELF we tend to not see good or find joy in anyone or anything else either.

Why do you hate yourself? Ask yourself that and answer truthfully. The only thing worse than a lie is a lie to yourself.

Every now and then we need to take a self-evaluation.
But when you do this -- do so with the mind set that you want,can and will do all that you can to reverse the negative to a positive.
We just can't go around hating ourself now. It's just no good.
If it's their stupidness you hate, then be around knowledgeable people. Maybe then you'll like to meet people.
just get more patience, i mean, people are annoying and mean, i can see why you'd hate them, but isn't hate a strong word, a better one would be - i cant tollerate them. because to be honest everybody has a line , and somebody along the line probably crossed urs and u just didn't know it.
You just shouldnt hate people. Its not their fault they are stupid. If everyone had the choice, they would probably opt to be smarter. I work in customer service myself, doing tech support and customer service for a large company. I take an average of 40 calls per day. Now if you think average people are stupid, try talking them through fixing their electronic devices!! Have you considered going to church? Most churches will advise you to treat people equally and to love other people. Maybe even just force yourself out into the public, join some groups or whatever. Sooner or later you'll see the smartness in some people, and then maybe you wont hate people so much.
I too have been in customer service for many years. But I still like people...for the most part anyway.

Some days its almost impossible for me to find a hint of a brain in just about everyone who calls me, but there are always those people that make it worth it. .mostly im there cuz they pay me tho LOL

Remember to keep a sense of humor and remember...you only have to deal with them for a few hours... But they are stupid for life !! lol
Find a method to unload all the negative stress you pick up at your job. Exercising at a favorite sport, meditation, or just watching favorite movies is a good start. I work in a stressful job, too. I trained my mind not to think about that place when I am at home. I find projects to keep my mind and hands busy, so I don't dwell on the job while at home.
I know what you mean. I deal with customer service in my job and sometimes feel like I hate everyone's stupidness. I can't believe people are such idiots! Just ignore them and don't let them bother you. You should be used to it after 12 years.
Well, I know what you mean- I've worked in customer service for a long time too. If I were you, I'd look for another line of work and take a break for a while. Maybe you can even be promoted within your company to something that doesn't deal so directly with the public.
I think if you can take a break from dealing with the general public, your love of mankind may return slightly.
If you're out of customer service and still dislike people, you might want to try volunteering with the needy or the sick- because you're luckier than a lot of poor souls on this Earth. If you see someone you've helped face to face, and see how they're truly grateful, I bet your sympathy would come back.
I used to volunteer in a hospital helping the elderly and just seeing how much they appreciated what I did for them made me so happy.
Do you ever read about the law of attraction. If you continue to think that people are stupid, then all your energy will attract stupid people. If you want to change that ( they are out there and it's not going to be 100%) then, start by opening to a new energy of people- the cool ones, and be one of the cool ones and when you encounter a stupid one instead of getting into "Hate"(which is hurting you more than them), get into LOVE and if they can't handle it, maybe they'll go away faster. Maybe by loving them, they will be less stupid. Energy goes out, energy comes in.
Good luck
i personally beleive that your view point is both detrimental and realistic. i share the same view... why you even felt the need to write this down to the same drooling idiots that you hate, i will never know
Your problem is that you only see a negative aspect of a person. Something in their life has failed them, and you're there to fix it. Just based on my experience in calling customer service, I find that I am generally not in a very cheerful mood while doing so.

Keep in mind that only a very small part of our lives are lived exhibiting that area of the emotional spectrum. The world isn't full of rude and hasty consumers, it's just that the people you talk to would rather not be talking to you.

[NOTE]: I am not sure the type of customer service that you are refering to, so this answer might be completely off. But it should hopefully give you a general idea.
Maybe you should take a break and free yourself from such a demanding role. After all, you have to maintain an air of calm and pleasantness at all times, forever smiling and forever letting the customer know that they are right...when in fact, most of them are just idiots! That would turn anybody off wanting to communicate and socialize in their free time. Like when you go home, you probably just want to get away from people. I know of people who spend the whole day saying welcome, welcome..blah blah blah to customers, and it becomes such a routine that even welcome starts to sound like a recording. When they finish work, they dont want to say anything to anyone. Pamper yourself and find your balance again.
I feel the same way. Besides a few close friends and my family I really dont care for people much. I dont think there is anything wrong with that, unless you are a complete recluse or something.
Projection and possibly Transference. Look up the definitions.
Recognizing that it is you who needs to change is half the battle. You do not have the right to blame people for being themselves. Hating people because of their stupidness is ... well... not smart. Those who hate stupidness itself become teachers in order to redeem the people from it because they like the people.
As a customer service representative, you learned all the ways to stay one step ahead of the other party. But your anticipation may be limiting and leading your conversations to a meaningless stalemate in a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. Listen more deeply and let them express their own thoughts, rather than echoes of your own expectations.
PS - Technically, "stupidness" is not a word. It should be "stupidity". Hating you for not knowing that would be required by your mindset. Not wanting to have you around or deal with you would be automatic. It's not my fault that you didn't know. I'm smart. I know I am. It all makes you so defensive that you can't express what was on your mind, see?

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