Is youth wasted on the young?

i really think it is, when i was young(i only 36 now)i thought i knew EVERYTHING,i in fact knew nothing,anyway is youth wasted on the young or is that how it should be.

in a word yes
Yes, but some of us can fake it pretty good.
sadly i wasted and still m
: (
That is how it should be- they need their youth to be resilient enough to learn they don't know it all
I'm 13 and I'm wasting youth.

Well, when I think about the phrase, "Youth is being wasted on the young", I'm assuming that we're not taking youth to our advantages and do things that we can't do when we're older. I'm just way too "adulty" to be 13, and sometimes I wish I could be one of those kids who can live for the moment and not regret in the adulty times.
No it is not as that is the only time in our Life we are stupid enough to trust and be ourselves with out wearing a mask.
too right...I'm 64 and would like to be as active as I was at 18..the only thing is that if I was as active ..could the opposite sex keep up with me..(it's only a thought)..or would they want to..? we're all kids at heart..
I think children's I more intelligent to day that it hasn't been before, I did use my youth, and I use it well, sometimes I even feel A shame of the things I did, and How good I got it. We should think positive about then remember your self been perceptive of some one that would have bad or negative though about your self at the time. And they didn't you could perceived then, children's to day, do the same.We should give then all the confidence they need but not to deposit it; on then like we will be waiting or Hopping for the investment to go up in value, and count our gains. Ridiculous>
Nobody knows what actually 'IS'. But the important thing is still to change, not to keep static.

But to actually bring about change, you have to be like totally believing in what you want - to be able to go against the majority. "The reasonable man adapts himself to the society while the unreasonable man tries to adapt the society to himself. All progress, therefore, depends on the unreasonable man." (Its a quote, I forgot from whom.)

So, youth is not wasted. They bring about the change in whatever small ways possible - since they believe in something. If the change is actually benefitting, the society will embrace it slowly, otherwise it will discard it slowly.
if what you know now was what you knew back then, then what would you know now?
The little mermaid.

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