What would you do if?

If you read somenes likes and dislikes on their profile that were like this, would you think they are crazy?.

I Like
Turnips, Drawing, Spinning Around, Pigs Hairstyles, Whittling, The Sky, Blindfold Chess
Music, Laughing, Scrumpy, Singing Along, Traveling, Nice People, Dovetails, Hiding
Swimming, Oak Tree's, Automatic Writing, Scrabble(Travel & Normal), Kiting, Fresh Eggs
Chickens, Being Favourate, The Smell of Horses & Cows, Walking, Joining In.
The sound that swans make when they fly.

I Dislike
Being lonely as I am, Cycling in the Rain, Falling Over, Wasting Time, Being Bitten, Spent Eggs
Losing Things, Stubbing my Toe, Dust, Quicksand, Tension, Insomnia, Stingers, Moping
Upset Animals, Tangling things up, Being Hunted Down, Becoming Lost, Splinters, Stingrays
Fighting Badly, Rubber, Tele-sales, Squeeky Doors, Bad smells

I don't see anything crazy in there. Sounds like fun. I especially thought this was a good, vivid answer "The sound that swans make when they fly." And anyone who likes Scrabble are usually cool people.
I'd say they really thought about the questions and were very concrete. I also sense they are fun.
No they arent crazy, just very obvious. And whomevers that is I hate insomnia too I unfortunatly have it and it sucks!
Umm? The "Likes" part appears to show a person who likes the outdoors, one who appreciates art and nature. The simplistic life with simple pleasures.

The "dislike" part is a little disturbing in that to me it shows a person who is lonely, depressed, agitated with fears and anxiety.

Not crazy, but could use a little help from a friend.
No. I don't think like this : '' OMG... this one is crazy ! He /she wrote what he/she likes and dislikes. We're not interested in this '' . It's everyone's right to write their feeling, what they like, dislike, who they love, who they hate etc. For example ( something about me) :
I like :
1. Psychology
2. Anatomy
3. Paranormal phenomenons
4. Parapsychology ( like 3 )
5. My parrot
6. My dog
7. Marilyn Manson

I dislike:
1. Astrology
2. People who refuse to think befor they talk ( I met a lot of this kind of people )
3. Being bitten
4. Being lied
5. Dark palces ( not all the time... I have some moments when I'm scared of dark )
6. When someones ignores me ( it's not cool...for nobody).

Now... Am I crazy... ?
If you are a surreal person in touch heavily into reality, such as i am..Then you would think this person is "Cuckoo..Cuckoo" but they do have an advantage over us...their lack of surreality and intelligence allows them to enjoy life and be less prone to stress as we are! I wish I was stupid...sometimes?

this person sounds like they like nature and dislike annoying things and getting hurt. that about sums it up. no they aren't crazy.
They all make sense, but tele-sales i like, you can say somthing like can you hold, and then hang up or say, let me get a pencil, then pop a baloon and yell, AAAAAAAAAH i've been shot, or say, I am having dinner, if you want to come over and discuss it over dinner thats fine, by the way, we are having escargot. tele-sales are fun, if you do it right
Id say they have a good sense of humor

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