It is a full moon tonight. I work alone in a large museum. Will someone evil send me a spirit to look at?

tonight once I dim the lights? I'm serious... :)

I love how the people who answered you and mocked you couldn't even SPELL right...

If I was evil enough and would have seen this, I most certainly would have. ;) Although, just a side note, "evil" people are not the only ones that I would imagine could send spirits.
no,unless you worship the man!but if have god no
Um let me think about it... NO of course not why would you think something so supid?
I will say that not many people ask for this, and unsure why you would want it, but if you want it it's yours. When dimming the lights focus on the spirits that are in the museum. Go to something that has been known to be evil and focus on it. I would suggest trying it on something not evil. Evil spirits are the strongest though. Taunt them let them know you aren't scared curse them. They feed off of negative energy your body possesses. If they feel you aren't giving off enough negative energy and they are becoming weak in your presence they will let themselves known to you to scare you and feed of of that energy. Once doing this there sometimes is no turning back and they can follow you. So watch yourself
The spirits don't need to be sent. They already walk those halls.

That is, if you believe.
i'm on it! i'll send a few incase my timings off.
Not only a full moon but a blue moon,too! Why would you want someone evil to send you a spirit?...why not someone NOT evil?

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