Do you have any regrets in life? And how do you overcome it?

We all have regrets in life. Regrets are the knowledge of realizing a past action of choice made was wrong. The best way to overcome is to understand that as a human being, we are bound to make some wrong choices in life. And the best way to turn that wrong into a right is by trying our best to not make the same mistake again.
Regrets have a way of making us stay with the past. Don't stick in it. Move on. Take it as a practical lesson you needed to learn. It's best now to keep reminiding ourselves of the bad times, but to remember not to get ourselves into it again.
Good luck.
Everybody has regrets. Whether or not they admit to them. To get over them - you accept that your past is what it is and you take whatever you can out of those experiences and you leave them as that. If nothing else they'll become good anecdotes for you in the future.
I do not. Otherwise i would not be the person i am, or want to be. I would not learn anything if the things that have happened didn't happen.
I think that everyone has regrets in their life, but the key is to not really think of them as regrets and more like lessons. any regrets i have i just think to myself that if i hadn't made that mistake then i wouldn't have learned from it. my mistakes, as bad as they might have been, really made me grow as a person.
i don't think i have any regrets. but if i did, i'd find a way to discard them, because the past is the past. if you don't focus on the present, then you'll never be happy. happiness is something that is experienced -- not in the future, not in the past, but in the present. when the past was here, it was the present, and when the future arrives, it will be also the present. so only take small considerations for the past and future and focus on today and you'll be fine -- every day. make sense? you get the idea. i guess my point is, take care of yourself in the present and you won't have regrets. or something. i've confused myself again.
I regret I was born into a millionaires family & grew up just knowing how to spend. Then I became extravagant & lazy.
Things are much better since I started dating an accountant whose parents recently declared bankruptcy.
I learned to forgive myself in exactly the same way in which I forgive others. I often look back and think, "well, that's the best I could do at that time, now I can do better."

I learned how to laugh at myself without being mean. I learned that beating myself up accomplished nothing and just made me feel bad. I noticed that every time I took a step away from being my own worst enemy and toward being my own best friend that my life got easier and more managable.
We all have regrets, we overcome them by knowing that our regrets, mistakes and downfalls make us the people we are today.
Everyone has regrets (unless they are in denial), but often there was nothing to change the outcome of these things, as we are pretty much genetically inclined towards certain things. Good and bad. The best thing is to just accept who you are. You can't get away from yourself.
Regret is normal. How you deal with them is your choice. Look at them as learning experiences and grow from them. You will become a better person for you.
ya, i got regrets.
i tried to be positive, but, regrets are after all,
the past that keep reciting in your head...
how to overcome it? analyze it, with honesty,
such as how it happen, why? and what to learn from it,

things happens for a reason.
things happen to make you a better person.
gdluck gal.
ya every one has regrets, its true.but the one who wont care it and go in his/her way will surely overcome it and glitter in their future. reject all regrets and be happy . to overcome it once thing that nothing is ours in this world to loss.
Until I had my son, I thought that my life was just one big regret. Now I just live for him, and think that if I had done anything different before him, I might not have had him.

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