It's getting difficult day by day to live with fat; how to maintain self-esteem?

I got hypo thyroid so become 25 kg overweight in span of 2 years. Reports say that everything is in control. My size changed from medium to large. I joined gym 1 week back in hope to back in shape. As it is difficult for me to loose weight easily, Can you please tell me how to spend my days till the day I 'll have good body again. I am crying a lot these days and I've lost my confidence. I am trying still till then how to survive in this world where fat people do not have a chance.

Living with a fat body in a skinny driven world is tough. I've been overweight for several years and also have a very low self esteem.

One of the best ways I've found to deal with the depression that comes with my weight is to help other people. It may sound silly but honestly, when you help people it makes you forget, even if only for that moment, your own problems and concerns. It can help lift your spirits and it certainly helps your self esteem when you do something for someone else. It helps you realize that even if you're overweight you're still a very important and valuable person! YOU can help someone who needs you! YOU can be the answer to someone's prayer! The answer to someone else's loneliness!

Lose yourself in the service of others and you will find happiness again!

It sounds like you've already taken some good steps to help yourself as well by joining a gym. It's the first step to taking control of the problem and while it may take time you're moving in the right direction! Stay motivated and try not to be discouraged...that's when the helping others part comes into play! Help others and your own burdens will seem lighter...I promise you that!
dieting is must. do regular exercise. Have more
water before and after meals. Reduce sweet eating.
Hello Pal,
Sleep underneath a Tamarind Tree for about one month and see.
If not possible, try one or two homeopaths.
Being overweight doesn't mean you don't have a chance! There are millions of fat people with fulfilling lives with families who love them for who they are and do not judge them based on their size. If you do not have the inner strength to help your self where is your support? Do you have family or friends or even co-workers who are aware of your medical problems and the consequences of it? Gaining weight is not the end of the world. I've lost 17 pounds in the past 3 weeks with dieting and exercising and I have thyroid problems too. I'm losing weight by choice. Not because of low self esteem or other peoples opinions. I'm losing because I have arthritis and losing weight will help ease that pain. One thing I'd like you to remember is that there are people who are a lot worse off than you are. People with cancer, missing limbs, blindness, and other deformities. People with eating disorders who are skeletal and dying. If you need to think about the negatives to appreciate your life then that's what you do. Be patient with yourself and continue to diet and exercise.
no one has anything against fat people if they are nice and cool (and a large isn't really that big of a problem!)...its only when they're bitchy, or think they're better then others or **** like that that people get im skinny naturally and when i walk into a room, i hear all these fat girls whispering "omg i heard she's soooo aneorexic! like no wonder she's skinny"...or "guys only like her because of her body and she starves herself everyday trying to stay in shape" thats sooo annoying and it makes me not like fat people! they're jealous and bitter about how they look and take it out on everyone thats not long as u dont act like that, no one is gonna mind...and always make sure to put urself together hair, makeup, nice will make both u and the people around u feel more comfortable and confident with ur body!
Dont panic.

Follow simple steps :

1. Dont avoid break-fast
2. After noon ...small rice with greens
3. No more idly or dosa or chappathi after 3
4. Do some Physical works at home
Hey wat's with all the gloomy talk!! So u r goin thru a bad patch my dear every1 does that. Chin up sweetheart look out it is a beautiful day and u shud enjoy it by goin out not sittin in ur home. I bet that u've the most beautiful smile so y not use that to make new frnds? Not many ppl care bout the physical aspects when they make a frnd.

If u really wanna hit that excess fat then do this eat low fat high protein food in small portions at least 4 times a day. Don't starve urself as ur body wud need more n more energy 2 burn the fat.
Work out at least 5 times a week whcih must include some weight resistence like dumb bells as well as cardio. U c i find cardio very borin n after couple of weeks u wud have 2 try harder n work out longer just to burn ur daily calorie if u r only doin cardio. Don't let ur body get used 2 ur training, shock it everyday by changin ur routine includin somethin new or heavier.
Try 2 fit in2 ur old clothes n if u cudn't then set urself a target, say a month n try again. That oughta keep u motivated enuff.

I am positive that u wud excel in this just don't get so hard on urselves.

Good Luck.! Keeep us posted babes. Bye :D

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