Can anyone tell more about Clinical Psychology?

is it international, meaning that can i work anywhere or is it only set in one place?

is the pay good, how much is the pay?

is it easy to get a job with this degree?

i need to know all this because i am thinking of doing it in Uni, but i want to make sure its the right choice, i don't want to study it for 3 years and then come out and have no job.

by the way am studying currently in the UK

Clinical psychology aims to reduce psychological distress and to enhance and promote psychological well-being. A wide range of psychological difficulties may be dealt with, including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, learning disabilities, child and family problems and serious mental illness.

Assistant Psychologists are normally paid on the NHS Agenda for Change bands 4 to 6. Band 4 starts at around £15,000. Qualified Clinical Psychologists start from around £25,000 (band 7), with pay scales going to £80,000+ for very senior positions. Details of the most recent salary scales can be found on the NHS website.

this website will help you
It is a international known field but registration for work else where is not always simple. The pay is OK but.... You have to tolerate dealing with peoples problems every working day. To become a clinical Psych you will have to complete at least a Masters. Jobs aren't that hard to find. Getting into a clinical training programme is very competative.
I once looked at becoming a clinician but a year of working with Alcoholics and Drug addicts showed me it wasn't my line. I ended up in Industrial Psychology... Current salary in xs of 100K. But took me 20 years to get to this level.
To become a qualified clinical psychologist you will need to have:

- A psychology degree (accredited by the British Psychological Society; for courses see: )
- Some relevant experience (typically one or two years)
- Complete a three year postgraduate (doctorate level) training programme.

Typically this will take a minimum of 7-8 years and is very competitive…

For more info on clinical psychology in the UK see:

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